Monday, January 13, 2014

Thank you, Number 94!

Way, way back, I mentioned that I had a "blog goal" of having 100 followers. I'm lame like that. When I first started this blog, I didn't even think I'd ever have 10, so when I hit 93 I was ecstatic! And I've been at 93 followers for several months now. But yesterday, I noticed that I have a new one! So thank you so much to number 94! Only 6 more to go!

I feel so cool.

Moving on...

As I've blithered about before, I have tried several different projects that I've found either through internet search engines or on Pinterest. Most of them have turned out really well. My most recent adventure, however, did not.

I saw a cute little photo idea of a baby boy dressed to look like a snowman. I thought the pose would make a cute addition to Donovan's birthday invitations (he'll be two in a month - what the frickety-frick?). The original was a bit more formal than I wanted, so I attempted to put me own spin on it, as usual.

It did not work.

Behold, the comparison pic:

Yeah...uncooperative, older, skinnier child + this pose = disaster.

Oh well. At least Aaralyn wanted to join in. She looked really cute!

Seriously...the lighting sucked, my kid is too old, too skinny, and too uncooperative for this posing nonsense. I'm pretty sure that he was judging me the whole time, wondering about my sanity...

Oh well. Can't win them all!

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  1. lol That was me #94, you're oh so welcome :D

    Aww he still looks cute—not impressed—but cute & Aaralyn really did rock it!