Friday, January 3, 2014

Fat-Free Friday

With that help of my recently-discovered love of Bitstrips (yes, I'm behind on the times, what can I say?), allow me to illustrate what happened to my ass during the past Christmas season:

Yup, that about sums it up! But only better news...

Now...I know it's only been two days since I recommitted to my healthy ways, but since Friday has always been my official "weigh in" day, I figured I might as well step on the scale to see what two mere days of being reasonable gets me.

I was down over 3 pounds. I don't care if it's mostly water weight - I'm happy with that.

I had absolutely no problems following my plan over the past two days. I'm taking that as a sign that I'm in the right mindset to do this again! I didn't feel hungry or deprived or anything. Fingers crossed that I can continue would really be nice to fit my junky truck back into my pants.

On a completely unrelated note...I was going through some of my old pictures, and found this one from Aaralyn's first Christmas (2009). I hereby present to you a "Flashback Friday". How freaking cute was she?

Definitely makes me miss having a baby!

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