Friday, January 20, 2017

Down 2!

Wahoo! I lost another 2lbs this week! Actually, it was more like two and a half! I was so surprised...I knew that I had done well, but I hadn't restricted myself nearly as much as I have in the past. I just exercised portion control and got myself moving more, but didn't deprive myself. Basically I...

- Ate more salads and vegetables
- Mostly cut out fast food and pop
- Stopped drinking my calories
- Watched the amount I was eating and listened to my body (ie I stopped eating when I felt satisfied - I didn't wait until I was stuffed)
- I worked out 3 times, plus walked twice on my lunch breaks

Easy right? Actually, yes!

I really think I can keep this going. I am feeling so much better about myself - it is hard to want to go back! This really feels like just living a normal lifestyle.

Also, I started using Instagram...just a little bit as I figure out how to best use it...but if you want to follow me, check me out at . I will likely use it more going forward.

Friday, January 13, 2017

5 Lbs

So...I lost 3 pounds this week. Yippee!!!

What that means is that since the start of the year, I have lost 5lbs. Well, okay, I have lost 4.8 but that's close enough, right?

At first I though, "Ah, five pounds...a million more to go!" But then I actually went downstairs and picked up one of my 5lb hand weights. It looks something like this:

And you know what? Five pounds is a lot. Five pounds is great. Hey, it's a heck of a lot better than gaining, right?

It is nice to know that I am off to a good start. I just hope I can continue this momentum!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year

I am not really one for making New Years resolutions. While I actually think that they can be a great idea, I am used to breaking them within a few days. So I don't really bother anymore. A few times in the past I have made a list, reasoning that if I even accomplished 2 out of 10, I could count that as a win. But, no such luck.

Usually, however, I ring in the new year with a new MINDSET. That fresh feeling, similar to before starting a new year of school, where life ahead just feels like it is full of endless possibilities. Unfortunately, that zest didn't hit me this time around.

The one consolation is that I also haven't yet hit the post-holiday depression that usually weakens me quickly at the start of January. Last year, I was in such a state that it was nearly impossible for me to plan my son's birthday celebration (his birthday is February 2nd). Currently, I am using this upcoming event to try to inject some fun and happiness into my days.

I am doing an emoji theme for him. Look how cute these goody bags are - and so simple!

I am also looking forward to get back into a regular exercise routine, and to focus on MINDFUL eating. I am too embarrassed right now to share my weight or any before and after photos, although I do have them. Maybe in time once I have made more progress, I will.

That's all for in. I will check in again soon.