Friday, November 29, 2013

Fat-Free Fatty Fatty Fatty

I suck.

I was doing so well this month, and then I was sidelined by the cold that never ends. (Basically as annoying as the "Song that Never Ends", but even worse). I have had absolutely no energy to work out for the last two weeks. My cold was actually almost gone, and then it started all over again. Fun, eh? And I've been eating horrendously. I don't know what's happening, but my brain has completely lost the "lifestyle change" mindset that was working for me. I do not like this. It feels like two steps forward, two steps back. My pants are snug, my belly is bloated, and I feel like garbage. So why oh why can't I stop?

I guess I should share with you the results of my workout challenge, even though I didn't meet my goals. I'll do that next week.

All I can say now is this: Thanks. GOODNESS. It's. FRIDAY!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Q&A Time!!!

Here are answers to your lovely questions...

1. How are things going with your depression?

Thanks for asking. That's actually a tough one to answer, because it really depends on the day. I think I'm doing better than I was two months ago. Usually once winter hits, things get tougher for me, but that hasn't started yet. We've had a really sunny November here, and it's helped a lot. Also, my doctor is upping my meds for the upcoming months, so that will help too :P

2. Do you ever argue with your parents or find it hard to live in such close proximity?

It's not nearly as challenging as I thought! I just really wish that we didn't have to share a kitchen. If we did decide to do this for the long-term (and that's a big IF) we would definitely need a house with a REAL inlaw suite!

3. Did you always want children?

Oh yes. Always. Probably creepily so. I can remember watching "Father of the Bride 2" and stuffing a pillow under my shirt, desperate to know what pregnancy felt like. And I think I was about 10 years old!!! When I was older, I tried to imagine what life would be like without kids, and it just never felt right for me. I was born to be a momma!

4. I love how you style your hair. I would like to see more about how you do it...

This actually SHOCKED me to read, because I feel like I'm always fighting with my hair! My hair is naturally wavy. When I straighten it, I simply blow-dry it then use a straightening iron to smooth things down. My hair also holds a curl well, and for that I use a 3/4" curling iron. The key is to not curl all the way to the end - leave about an inch of hair uncurled, or else it will look too fancy and perfect :) Oh yes, and I usually shower at night. My hair needs time to calm down before I can go out in public :)

5. Done any craft projects lately?

Yes, I just finished a Christmas wreath! I am going to post a picture and some basic instructions soon, so stay tuned!

6. Do you want more kids?

Sometimes. We used to want four kids! But we won't be having any more, due to finances and the life we want to be able to provide for our children. Still, sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it feels like someone will always be missing from our family. Sometimes my heart aches just a bit when I see someone else is pregnant with their third or fourth. Other times, though, I see families of 3+ kids and think there is NO WAY I'd be able to handle the chaos! We are lucky to have a niece and nephew in the same city who are the same age as our kids, so when we want our four-kid fix, we can have it :)

7. How is your running going?

I feel like my running is just getting worse and worse! I would love to hear advice from some runners about what I can do. I can usually only manage about two runs each week, so my speed and endurance in struggling. Any tips?

That's all for now! Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A special note today to my American friends: I hope that you are all keeping safe with the crazy weather that some of you have been experiencing. I hear that it's pretty bad in some areas, and that it may effect travel (and parades! Oh no!) during your Thanksgiving weekend. I sincerely hope that all of you are able to have the holiday you had planned. These times are so special.

Speaking of holidays...I wanted to re-link you all to a guest post that I posted previously on this blog. You can read it here. It's about keeping healthy and active during the holidays, so I thought it was a perfect timing for a reminder! It's a long read, but worth it. I especially want to bring your attention to this part:

"When it comes to the holidays, I give myself a break. But only a little break. I aim to make at least 80 percent of what I eat very healthy–reasonably low in fat, low-carb, natural, high in nutrients. Then I don’t feel so bad when I indulge in the slice of pie or a piece of Christmas fudge."

And also, even more importantly, this part:

"The holidays should be a time of getting together with family and enjoying winter activities. I stay in shape and indulge moderately, so I can participate fully in both."

Some great advice from a great lady! And please, leave our lady Emily a message - she's new to the blogging world, and I for one think she deserves some encouragement!!!

Have a great week! The Q&A results are coming soon, I promise!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm Still Here...

...still sick

...still have no energy

...still working my my Q&A post (it's not too late to send in your Q's!)

...still a lamesauce

I'm also working on a Christmas List-related post. Do you guys still make Christmas lists? Or am I the only one whose parents still demand it? I honesty don't even care about getting gifts for myself. Except for my stocking. I love my stocking. But otherwise, Christmas really has become all about giving to others. I always thought that adults were lying when they said that they could not receive a single gift during the season and still be happy, but now I know that it's true. Which makes coming up with a list for myself even harder! A list for what my kiddos want and need? Now that's easy!!!

What about you? What's on your list this year? What are you buying for others? Started shopping yet?

Monday, November 18, 2013


I swear, every time I come up with a new fitness routine for myself, I end up getting sick. So it should be no surprise that I'm going through it again: I got sent home from work for hacking up a storm, and now I'm at home throwing myself a mini pity party. I don't get sick a lot, but when I do, it's never minor.

Since my brain is too foggy to think much for myself, I thought I'd share with you some thoughts from Tim - he is the husband of the wonderful Jennifer, who, in my opinion, is a huge inspiration. If you haven't checked out her blog before, please do so now!!

Now, a few thoughts from her husband:

Physical appearance aside, what is the biggest change you've noticed in your wife since beginning her new, healthy-living journey?

I would have to say her confidence! She has a new glow about her that she never had before. She is wearing outfits that she always wanted to wear but was afraid to go out in public because she would think people would make fun of her.

Now she proudly wears new things and loves showing them off.

And what is the biggest change you've felt in YOURSELF since jumping on board?

The biggest change for me would have to be just an overall stamina in everyday activities. At 240lbs (my heaviest weight), I would get out of breath at the simplest of things such as bending over to tie my shoe. It sounds crazy, but that's how out of shape I was. Now at 180lbs, I am able to wear skinner fitting clothes and don't have to rely on my belt to hold my pants up. I too now have a stronger confidence that allows me a comfortable lifestyle.

There you have it: just a little reminder that there are benefits to a healthy lifestyle that extend beyond how you look.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fat-Free Friday: Good News/Bad News Edition

Good News: I weigh 158.4 today. I love still being in the 150s.

Bad News: That means I gained weight this week. I ate like a linebacker last weekend.

Good News: I learned that my gym is open until 10pm during the week. This means that I can pop in, if I choose to, after the kids are in bed. It's win-win: more time with the kids, but still time for myself!

Bad News: I feel a cold coming I may not have the energy yet for nighttime workouts.

Good News: I got up at 6am for an early morning run, and the weather was great!

Bad News: I kept stopping to walk. I totally wussed out on this one.

Good News: I am going shopping with my sister tomorrow - ALL DAY!

Bad News: I will miss going to a My Little Pony show with my daughter. Poor husband has to go instead.

Good News: I am completely on schedule - if not ahead of schedule - with my crafting projects!

Bad News: I've sacrificed sleep to craft. Not a smart idea.

Here's hoping for a good weekend. Keep those Q&A questions coming, too - I've recieved some great ones already that I am excited to answer! But I could use a few more :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let's Do a Q&A

I am having trouble coming up with my next blog post, so why not do a little Q&A to get my juices flowing?

Send me your questions - it can be about weight loss, crafting, family life...whatever!!! I do one of these every now and then, and I find that it helps inspire let's hope it does that again!

You can respond with your question as a comment here, or email me at

Thanks in advance!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh, Yesterday...

Yesterday started out AMAZING. I went for another early morning run (Up ate 6:30 again? Me? Yes Ma'ams). It wasn't dark this time due to the time change, which made it much more enjoyable. I do find that I like the quiet solitude of an early morning run. I may very well make this a weekly thing.

Then, it was onto the main excitement of the day: shopping with my mom and sister. The goal was to get my sister some new clothes as part of her birthday gift, and to enjoy a nice meal at the Olive Garden. This little trip involved crossing the border into the USA, because we like to check out different malls, and because we don't have an Olive Garden where we live. The perfect plan for the perfect day.

First, though, I made the mistake of handing my mom my passport for safe keeping. She, in turn, accidentally left if on the roof of the car, which we didn't realize until we were in line to head into the USA. (Don't worry - my husband rescued my passport from our driveway, so no one is going to be crossing into un-native lands on my ticket). Somehow, I was still allowed to enter America, and we made it to the mall in good timing.

The day was great. But when it came to dinner, I went into all-you-can-eat-in-one-meal mode, and stuffed my face. It was glorious. It was delicious. It was a gain-four-pounds-in-one-night-but-don't-kind of meal.

Except today. Today I care. Because my insides are rebelling against me. I think next time, I should avoid eating so much rich food all at one. I seriously felt like I was pregnant after that meal. I could barely sit comfortably!

All in all, though, it was a fun day. But unlike my morning runs, it's something I shouldn't do so frequently!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fat-Free Friday

It's Friday, I weigh 155.8 and I do NOT feel well. So instead of a longer post, I'll leave you with one of my gem-like tips of the day.

Brenna EXTREMELY USEFUL Tip of the Day: If you are NOT pregnant...then you really, really shouldn't be "eating for two". (Note: by "you", I really mean "me". Bad Brenna).

That's all. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen...

This past Saturday, I did something that I never, EVER thought I'd do before: I got up - WILLINGLY - on a Saturday morning at 6-freaking-30 to go for a run before my kids woke up. Do I even need to tell you how much of a rockstar I felt like? I am NOT a morning person, and I NEVER get up early unless I absolutely have know, if I don't want to lose my job or whatever. So this morning run was a HUGE deal to me.

I also learned something: I am still afraid of the dark. When I started running, it was mostly dark outside, and was I ever creeped out. And you know what's NOT so great when you have a scaredy-cat running in the dark around her neighbourhood? Hallowe'en decorations. Creepy.

I learned something else, too: morning running must make me delirious, because I felt like I was running so fast and hard...and when I finished, my time showed me that I was actually slower than usual. I actually had to laugh at that - I have stopped taking myself so seriously when it comes to running. It's much more enjoyable that way. I'd still love to do races at some point, and my ultimate goal would be a half marathon...but that can wait until my kids are older. Right now, I'm okay with just having fun with fitness.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Before Pictures

Since I'm getting my little buns in gear this month, I thought it was worth taking some "before" pictures to document my progress. I honestly think that taking pictures is way better than just weighing yourself, as it's the best way to compare and see where the changes are happening in your body. Without further they are:

Not bad, right? If you had told me two years ago that I would be posting pictures of myself on the internet in just a SPORTS BRA, I would have laughed in your face. But's no big deal.

I'm not unhappy with how I look. I remember that in high school, I really hated my body. (Though looking back, I looked great). But I also remember looking in the mirror one day and liking what I saw...until I thought about bathing suit season that was fast approaching. And then I thought, "Okay, if I'm ONLY unhappy with myself when I'm wearing a bikini, then that's a pretty stupid thing to be hating myself about." I try to keep that in mind these days. Motherhood has changed my body, and I know that it can't be perfect. I just want my pants to fit better. If your goal is to look great in a bathing suit, that's a fine goal - but don't let that idea get the way of your own self worth. It's really not worth it.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fat-Free Friday and November Challenge

Today I weigh 157.4, and I am THRILLED to be in the 150's. I've been eating better, feeling better, and my "go-to" jeans, though still snug, are starting to fit better. Here is last month vs. this month:

I'm getting there.

Now, onto the good stuff...

Some of you may remember that I used to be a total weight-loss nerd. I liked to make up monthly challenges for myself, and I'd even NAME them. I haven't been doing that as much recently, and I realized...maybe that's why I haven't felt as motivated! Because I haven't had something more concrete to be working on. My running has been frustrating me, and I need a need challenge. So, I'm kicking it old school.

Back a few years ago, when I lost weight the first time, I used to pick a certain number of a particular exercise to do in a given month. It felt more flexible than having daily goals, but was still a challenge. I haven't done something like that in years, but for this month, I'm bringing sexy back.

Welcome to my "Fitter FaLaLa" challenge!

The goal is to pick a certain number of squats, pushups, and/or crunches to complete during the month of November. And don't go easy on yourself! Figure out how many you could easily do in a day, double that, and multiply it by 30. Or something. There really is no mathematical formula...just challenge yourself!

I will be doing the following:
1000 Squats
1000 Push Ups (girl-style mostly, because I'm weak)
1000 Crunches (or Sit Ups...I'm aiming for 50/50)

I'm also planning on getting in 50 minutes of planking during the month. A minute here, 30 seconds there...whatever it takes.

Also, for you crunchers, feel free to vary the types of crunches you do in order to target more muscles.

I am excited for this challenge. I will squat until I scream. I will crunch until I curse. I will push up until...I punch? Plank until I pout? Hmmm....

Feel free to use weights. Or don't. Pick one exercise, or pick three. Do whatever will work for YOU.

Who's joining me?