Thursday, November 28, 2013

Q&A Time!!!

Here are answers to your lovely questions...

1. How are things going with your depression?

Thanks for asking. That's actually a tough one to answer, because it really depends on the day. I think I'm doing better than I was two months ago. Usually once winter hits, things get tougher for me, but that hasn't started yet. We've had a really sunny November here, and it's helped a lot. Also, my doctor is upping my meds for the upcoming months, so that will help too :P

2. Do you ever argue with your parents or find it hard to live in such close proximity?

It's not nearly as challenging as I thought! I just really wish that we didn't have to share a kitchen. If we did decide to do this for the long-term (and that's a big IF) we would definitely need a house with a REAL inlaw suite!

3. Did you always want children?

Oh yes. Always. Probably creepily so. I can remember watching "Father of the Bride 2" and stuffing a pillow under my shirt, desperate to know what pregnancy felt like. And I think I was about 10 years old!!! When I was older, I tried to imagine what life would be like without kids, and it just never felt right for me. I was born to be a momma!

4. I love how you style your hair. I would like to see more about how you do it...

This actually SHOCKED me to read, because I feel like I'm always fighting with my hair! My hair is naturally wavy. When I straighten it, I simply blow-dry it then use a straightening iron to smooth things down. My hair also holds a curl well, and for that I use a 3/4" curling iron. The key is to not curl all the way to the end - leave about an inch of hair uncurled, or else it will look too fancy and perfect :) Oh yes, and I usually shower at night. My hair needs time to calm down before I can go out in public :)

5. Done any craft projects lately?

Yes, I just finished a Christmas wreath! I am going to post a picture and some basic instructions soon, so stay tuned!

6. Do you want more kids?

Sometimes. We used to want four kids! But we won't be having any more, due to finances and the life we want to be able to provide for our children. Still, sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it feels like someone will always be missing from our family. Sometimes my heart aches just a bit when I see someone else is pregnant with their third or fourth. Other times, though, I see families of 3+ kids and think there is NO WAY I'd be able to handle the chaos! We are lucky to have a niece and nephew in the same city who are the same age as our kids, so when we want our four-kid fix, we can have it :)

7. How is your running going?

I feel like my running is just getting worse and worse! I would love to hear advice from some runners about what I can do. I can usually only manage about two runs each week, so my speed and endurance in struggling. Any tips?

That's all for now! Have a great day!

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