Friday, November 1, 2013

Fat-Free Friday and November Challenge

Today I weigh 157.4, and I am THRILLED to be in the 150's. I've been eating better, feeling better, and my "go-to" jeans, though still snug, are starting to fit better. Here is last month vs. this month:

I'm getting there.

Now, onto the good stuff...

Some of you may remember that I used to be a total weight-loss nerd. I liked to make up monthly challenges for myself, and I'd even NAME them. I haven't been doing that as much recently, and I realized...maybe that's why I haven't felt as motivated! Because I haven't had something more concrete to be working on. My running has been frustrating me, and I need a need challenge. So, I'm kicking it old school.

Back a few years ago, when I lost weight the first time, I used to pick a certain number of a particular exercise to do in a given month. It felt more flexible than having daily goals, but was still a challenge. I haven't done something like that in years, but for this month, I'm bringing sexy back.

Welcome to my "Fitter FaLaLa" challenge!

The goal is to pick a certain number of squats, pushups, and/or crunches to complete during the month of November. And don't go easy on yourself! Figure out how many you could easily do in a day, double that, and multiply it by 30. Or something. There really is no mathematical formula...just challenge yourself!

I will be doing the following:
1000 Squats
1000 Push Ups (girl-style mostly, because I'm weak)
1000 Crunches (or Sit Ups...I'm aiming for 50/50)

I'm also planning on getting in 50 minutes of planking during the month. A minute here, 30 seconds there...whatever it takes.

Also, for you crunchers, feel free to vary the types of crunches you do in order to target more muscles.

I am excited for this challenge. I will squat until I scream. I will crunch until I curse. I will push up until...I punch? Plank until I pout? Hmmm....

Feel free to use weights. Or don't. Pick one exercise, or pick three. Do whatever will work for YOU.

Who's joining me?

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