Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A special note today to my American friends: I hope that you are all keeping safe with the crazy weather that some of you have been experiencing. I hear that it's pretty bad in some areas, and that it may effect travel (and parades! Oh no!) during your Thanksgiving weekend. I sincerely hope that all of you are able to have the holiday you had planned. These times are so special.

Speaking of holidays...I wanted to re-link you all to a guest post that I posted previously on this blog. You can read it here. It's about keeping healthy and active during the holidays, so I thought it was a perfect timing for a reminder! It's a long read, but worth it. I especially want to bring your attention to this part:

"When it comes to the holidays, I give myself a break. But only a little break. I aim to make at least 80 percent of what I eat very healthy–reasonably low in fat, low-carb, natural, high in nutrients. Then I don’t feel so bad when I indulge in the slice of pie or a piece of Christmas fudge."

And also, even more importantly, this part:

"The holidays should be a time of getting together with family and enjoying winter activities. I stay in shape and indulge moderately, so I can participate fully in both."

Some great advice from a great lady! And please, leave our lady Emily a message - she's new to the blogging world, and I for one think she deserves some encouragement!!!

Have a great week! The Q&A results are coming soon, I promise!

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