Monday, May 22, 2017

Well, That Was Annoying...

Friday morning is my weigh-in day. I chose that day on purpose, knowing that if I go a little overboard during the weekend (it happens!) I still have time to get the water weight off. This past Friday, I was really hoping to make it to the "20lbs lost" milestone. But when I stepped on the scale...19.5 pounds. So close! But not quite there. Annoying, right? I swear scales do that o purpose.

Oh well. I got over it. Plus today it say that I hit the 20lb mark, so even though it's not my "official" day and doesn't fully count...I basically consider myself there.

In other news, I tried on some old summer clothes. Clothes from last year are getting loose! And clothes from the year before are starting to fit again! I am so excited!

I also tried on this pair of shorts. It didn't go well:

(And don't worry...that's just tummy you're looking at there. Nothing X-rated!!!

So, that didn't exactly help to build my confidence, BUT - I figure those shorts will be a great way to check my progress! I just started a six-week plan a few days ago, which will take me to my birthday. Hopefully those shorts will at LEAST button by then. Plus a couple of weeks ago I couldn't even get them over my butt, so...proof of progress already!

I am feeling great and looking forward to continuing on!

Friday, May 12, 2017

How I Lost 18lbs by Watching TV

In the past, when I would begin a weight-loss regime, I would go all out. ALLLLLLLL out. I would set an eating plan, and stick to it pretty perfectly. I would excerise 6 times a week at the start, drink all the water in the world, and spend each evening mapping out my next day's plan.

It was exhausting. And it nearly drove me insane.

This time around, when the New Year hit, I pledged to not do that. I didn't want to be obsessive about my weight loss. Because while WHAT I was doing and what I was eating was healthy enough, it wasn't MENTALLY healthy. Which is probably why I was having such trouble getting back at it. I didn't want me life to revolve around fitness and food again.

I am pretty happy to report that I have kept my own promise. And while it means that my weight loss has been slower (18lbs down in about four months - nothing to sneeze at, but not exactly speedy), I feel more confident about being able to keep it off in the long run. Because even when I had those "setback" weeks, I managed to maintain my weight - not gain. I really feel like I've learned from fast mistakes.

So how does TV factor into this? It's so cheesy. But it's true, so I have to say it.

I started watching "My 600lb Life."

Please understand - I starting watching because I am genuinely rooting for these people. A lot of them have such traumatic pasts, it's no wonder they turned to food to cope! And I do NOT judge them, one bit, for how big they became. I only wish them success.

But, watching the show made me realize something: you don't just wake up one day grossly overweight. These people gained weight over time, and very likely, the weight gain seemed to sneak up on them. They had no clue how big they were getting...until it was too late. And that's a scary thought. I am NOT comparing myself to the people on that show. They have far bigger hills to climb, and far more struggles. That isn't what I am saying. But I think I started to reflect more on my own bad habits after I started watching - and my own excuses. So I don't know...I feel like that reflection has been helping me. So I figure I might as well give credit where it's due. To television! Who would have thought?

So yeah...there is my update. 18lbs down, and mentally sounds (at least as it pertains to weight loss!). I am working my way into running again, and looking forward to doing even more! As I am not yet ready to share full-body shots...I shall end with a cheesy selfie!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Update Coming

Have I really not updated this blog since FEBRUARY?

I'll work on that, I promise. Update coming soon...

Friday, February 10, 2017

Down, Dooby-Doo, Down, Down

Last Friday marked exactly one month since I re-started my healthy way of life. I forgot to write an update then. My bad, but better late than never. So here I am!

My goal was to lose 10lbs in the month of January. 10lbs is a lot of lose in a month, and I knew it might be very tough to do. But I am happy to report that I was successful!

Actually, I surpassed my goal. I ended up losing closer to 11 pounds. Yowza!

Unfortunately, I ate out just a FEW too many times this week and had some trouble staying on track, so this week I just maintained my weight loss. Hey, I'll TAKE it!

I also got my hair coloured last week. Bye bye, bad ombre. I am happy to be back to my red roots!

I am feeling a lot better lately, both physically and from a self-confidence standpoint. However, I am still self conscious about certain things. Like smiling. I feel like I look like a chipmunk when I smile. I smile a lot, but I hate to see photos of it. I can't wait until that stops being the case.

Happy Friday!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Down 2!

Wahoo! I lost another 2lbs this week! Actually, it was more like two and a half! I was so surprised...I knew that I had done well, but I hadn't restricted myself nearly as much as I have in the past. I just exercised portion control and got myself moving more, but didn't deprive myself. Basically I...

- Ate more salads and vegetables
- Mostly cut out fast food and pop
- Stopped drinking my calories
- Watched the amount I was eating and listened to my body (ie I stopped eating when I felt satisfied - I didn't wait until I was stuffed)
- I worked out 3 times, plus walked twice on my lunch breaks

Easy right? Actually, yes!

I really think I can keep this going. I am feeling so much better about myself - it is hard to want to go back! This really feels like just living a normal lifestyle.

Also, I started using Instagram...just a little bit as I figure out how to best use it...but if you want to follow me, check me out at . I will likely use it more going forward.

Friday, January 13, 2017

5 Lbs

So...I lost 3 pounds this week. Yippee!!!

What that means is that since the start of the year, I have lost 5lbs. Well, okay, I have lost 4.8 but that's close enough, right?

At first I though, "Ah, five pounds...a million more to go!" But then I actually went downstairs and picked up one of my 5lb hand weights. It looks something like this:

And you know what? Five pounds is a lot. Five pounds is great. Hey, it's a heck of a lot better than gaining, right?

It is nice to know that I am off to a good start. I just hope I can continue this momentum!

Sunday, January 8, 2017