Thursday, June 1, 2017

Party Post

People used to enjoy (or at least, it seemed that way!) seeing my posts recapping my kids' birthday parties. While I don't go completely "over the top", I do try to make them fun, and add some homemade things into the mix. I missed recapping my daughter's party last year, as well as my son's this year. As I just finished up ANOTHER party for my daughter on the 20th...I figured it was a good time to catch you all up!

Last year, when my daughter turned seven, she asked for a "Superhero Barbie Party." Done!

Of course I had to label the bathroom to match:

Capes and masks acted as favours...and also made for great props when posing in the life-sized Barbie box I made!

Among the games was "Punch a Cup" - you know, to practice their superhero moves, AND get little gifts!

My sister's friend made the cake and it looked amazing!

This year's parties were scaled back. I hosted my son's at a local gymnastics place, and my daughter's at the bowling lanes. All of the kids had a blast, and I did try to incorporate the themes they requested (Emojis for my son, and Trolls for my daughter). I have to was a LOT less work, and a LOT less clean up. But I kind of missed having the chaos in my home!

I made this cake and thought it turned out pretty well! Very easy - and tasted amazing!

I always have a fun time coming up with the perfect favours to give out...

I am pretty sure that this foam pit was every kids' favourite thing!

I did do a tiny bit more for the Troll party - I swear girls are easier to plan for!

Okay I am running out of steam!!! Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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