Monday, May 22, 2017

Well, That Was Annoying...

Friday morning is my weigh-in day. I chose that day on purpose, knowing that if I go a little overboard during the weekend (it happens!) I still have time to get the water weight off. This past Friday, I was really hoping to make it to the "20lbs lost" milestone. But when I stepped on the scale...19.5 pounds. So close! But not quite there. Annoying, right? I swear scales do that o purpose.

Oh well. I got over it. Plus today it say that I hit the 20lb mark, so even though it's not my "official" day and doesn't fully count...I basically consider myself there.

In other news, I tried on some old summer clothes. Clothes from last year are getting loose! And clothes from the year before are starting to fit again! I am so excited!

I also tried on this pair of shorts. It didn't go well:

(And don't worry...that's just tummy you're looking at there. Nothing X-rated!!!

So, that didn't exactly help to build my confidence, BUT - I figure those shorts will be a great way to check my progress! I just started a six-week plan a few days ago, which will take me to my birthday. Hopefully those shorts will at LEAST button by then. Plus a couple of weeks ago I couldn't even get them over my butt, so...proof of progress already!

I am feeling great and looking forward to continuing on!

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