Friday, October 30, 2015

Why I Quit the Gym

I recently cancelled my gym membership.

No, I am not done with working out. And I didn't quit the gym because I didn't like going there. On the contrary: I love working out, loved my gym, really enjoyed the classes and found the interaction with staff encouraging.

However, I just wasn't getting there enough. The hours weren't the best for my schedule, I wasn't making it to my favourite classes, and in the summer (when I'd rather be running) I felt like I HAD to go just because I was paying for it. Overall, having a gym membership started to feel like pressure. Pressure that I don't need.

I am considering joining a cheaper, no-frills 24-hour gym nearby. My sister goes there, and since it's so cheap I can go once a week (or even less) and still feel like I am getting my money's worth.

But most of my working out will be at home. I bought some hand weights and a mat, plus this handy little dumbbell holder:

I also have an exercise bike, some decent work out videos (30 Day Shred anyone?) and of course my running to keep me busy. Now if I can just get my eating in better shape, I will be all set!