Friday, November 15, 2013

Fat-Free Friday: Good News/Bad News Edition

Good News: I weigh 158.4 today. I love still being in the 150s.

Bad News: That means I gained weight this week. I ate like a linebacker last weekend.

Good News: I learned that my gym is open until 10pm during the week. This means that I can pop in, if I choose to, after the kids are in bed. It's win-win: more time with the kids, but still time for myself!

Bad News: I feel a cold coming I may not have the energy yet for nighttime workouts.

Good News: I got up at 6am for an early morning run, and the weather was great!

Bad News: I kept stopping to walk. I totally wussed out on this one.

Good News: I am going shopping with my sister tomorrow - ALL DAY!

Bad News: I will miss going to a My Little Pony show with my daughter. Poor husband has to go instead.

Good News: I am completely on schedule - if not ahead of schedule - with my crafting projects!

Bad News: I've sacrificed sleep to craft. Not a smart idea.

Here's hoping for a good weekend. Keep those Q&A questions coming, too - I've recieved some great ones already that I am excited to answer! But I could use a few more :)


  1. I like the "good and bad" post. It is fun! So awesome that you are exercising in the morning. I hope your cold doesn't get worse. Have fun shopping! It would be neat to see what you buy. :)

  2. Lol - well most of what I bought are gifts for other people, but I can certainly show the stuff I bought that isn't!!! Good idea!