Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday Runday

I am SO excited to tell you about my run on Sunday!

(That probably makes me a big dork. I digress...)

We all know that I hate the treadmill. There is a reason they call it the DREADMILL. It's funny...when I first started running, I thought the treadmill was easier than running outside. Physically, maybe is it. But mentally? No way. At least for me. It is SO difficult to distract myself from any running discomfort and heavy breathing when I'm not actually getting anywhere. Yes, I watch the TVs at the gym, and that helps distract me, but it isn't enough. I need the change of scenery!

But because the weather has been bad here lately, I decided to try something on Sunday at the gym that I don't usually do: run a 5k on the treadmill. You have to understand: I struggle to make it 10 minutes on the treadmill without a walk break. I've done 20 minutes, but that's a rarity. Normally I hit a mental block and just give up.

But Sunday? I did it. I ran 5k on that pesky treadmill. Yes, a few times I paused the machine for 30 seconds just to catch my breath (but not until I'd already run 20 minutes straight). However, all of the 5k distance was done without walking. And I did it in 35.5 minutes!!!

Guys, that's basically my outside running time right now! (Just, I got out of shape and slower. Sue me.)

I am so immodestly proud of myself right now. When I finished, it was one of those cheesy moments where you feel like you can do anything! I've missed that feeling...

Let's hope that more good gym days are in my future!

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