Friday, January 10, 2014

Fat-Free Friday

TGIF, peeps!!!

(It’s a bit less exciting to say that when I have to work on Saturday…yes it’s only a half day but STILL!)

Let’s get right into Fat-Free Friday. Although this week it’s more of a Fatty Friday…c’est la vie!

I weigh: 171lbs. Up 0.5 from last week. Boo.

I feel: Indifferent about it. I knew it was going to happen. My snacking was still out of control, and it didn’t help that when I DID have a few good days, the scale hadn’t budged. I know, I know. DON’T PEAK AT THE SCALE! Caused me to eat my feelings…

However…my MEALS were great this week. I avoided fast food (until last night…I kind of forgot that it was my goal to not eat it this week, but even then I didn’t get a big meal with fries or anything!), I increased my vegetable intake, and just generally ate better. I also hit my goal of exercising 5 times per week, doing 200 push ups and 10 minutes of planking, and drinking lots of water. So those were definitely “pluses”.

My favourite exercise that I tried this week was sprint training on the treadmill. I actually saw this idea on another blogger’s page. I brought the incline up to 5 (ouch), put the speed at 9 (kill me now!) and ran with all of my might for 20-30 seconds…then I would spend the remainder of the minute resting, then do it all over again. I ended up having to drop the speed to 8.5 after a couple of minutes, and then to 8 because I just couldn’t keep up. But I was sweating like crazy regardless! I also did two days of the “30 Day Shred”, which I haven’t done in awhile, and was happy that I was able to mostly keep up with it. Makin progress.

I was really hoping that I would lose the weight quickly based on the fact that I had gained it so quickly. I guess I thought it would be “easy”, and that’s why I wasn’t focused on eating so great this week. I’ve learned my lesson though!

My goals this week will be to cut my snacking and dependency on chocolate, exercise 3-4 times, and hopefully lose 2 pounds. I want to see that “healthy” weight of 169!!!


  1. Hmm… I haven't weighed myself and quite frankly I don't intend to yet, I'm such a chicken lol You did fantastic this week with the workouts. So what if you snacked?…all good, next week you'll be better. I was good with calorie intake and with working out this week as well, but it was my first week back at it, so of course it was a great week. I'm in pain—the good kind—but lets see what next week brings. I'll try to check-in on Fridays ;)

  2. I am a teacher, so I have been off school since December 20th. We were supposed to go back Monday, Jan 6th, but then we had 5 snow days. Between the holidays and snow days my eating has definitely not been healthy. We are going back Monday and I am ready to get back on track!