Friday, January 24, 2014

Fat Free Friday

I weigh: 169.8lbs. Down only 0.2 from last week.

I feel: Angry.

I did: I thought I did pretty good this week, exercise-wise especially. I did only get three days in even though I was hoping for four...BUT the work outs that I had were great! I felt strong and powerful - and sore afterwards. I love that feeling!

My eating was pretty good - not perfect, but so much better than before. I only had one night of too much snacking, and I most certainly didn't think it was enough to offset all of my hard work.

I am so frustrated. I put on this weight so quickly, so why is it being so stubborn at coming off?

I'm really hoping that I have better news for you next week.

That's all I can muster this week. I feel defeated.

1 comment:

  1. Keep it up! I felt that way when I stood on the scale last Sunday. I might have lost .2, if I remember correctly.

    However, I snuck a trip to the scale mid week and I was down 2.2 pounds. Sometimes our bodies are just slow to react.