Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fat-Free Friday, on a Wednesday

I'm scrambling to get ready for my mini-vacation, so this post will be short.

I weighed myself today, and the scale said 163.2. Happy with that.

My goal was to hit 163 by Canadian Thanksgiving, which is October 7th or 8th (sorry, I don't have my calendar with me right now), so as long as I can maintain my weight over the next week and a half, I'll be pretty happy.

While I'm gone, can I ask a favour? For those of you who run...can you please leave me a comment with some advice on how I can increase my speed, and shorten the amount of time it takes me to run my 5ks? I can't seem to break the 36-37 minute mark, and it's frustrating!

Thanks in advace! See you when I get back!


  1. Speedwork/intervals! A friend and I took a treadmill class at our gym and it was great. Warm up, then crank up the speed for short bursts. We did a few rounds of 30 seconds as fast as we could followed by a couple minutes at a slower speed to bring the heart rate down some. Then 1 minute intervals at not quite as fast as the 30 second ones, and finally 1:30 at a hard speed but slow enough that we could do the whole 1:30 at that speed.

    On my own, I'm not that structured. I'll do a warm up 1/2-3/4 mile, then do fast invervals until the mile mark or so. I do it 2-3 times during a mile for at least 3 miles. Sometimes, I use the time, and sometimes distance. The point is to do a handful of short, fast bursts during your workout.

    Don't do speedwork at every run, and don't do two hard runs back-to-back days. Intervals once or twice a week is good.

  2. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog while googling 'post baby weight 180'. Love your blog and how honest you are. I can really relate to your weight loss journey and I'm also Canadian! I just recently had my 3rd baby 8 weeks ago and finding it hard to be motivated to get off my butt and lose the baby weight. But after reading your blog, I might just start getting active again....and I've always wanted to learn how to jog (I've never ran for more than 2 minutes...ever in my 32 years of life) so I'm looking forward to start now that I stopped by your blog...and I just might continue blogging again too...LOL. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  3. Thanks, Brandi!

    And welcome, Nia! That was very nice feedback to share with me...thank you so much! And I know that people say this all the time, but if I can do it, you certainly can! Because I'm generally lazy :)