Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Q&A Time!!!

You asked...I answer!
Between here and the Fit Camp posters, I've received enough questions to do a Q&A Part 1 and Part 2. So, if you missed it the first time around, feel free to send in your questions, and I'll add them to the next segment.

Oh, and let's just get it out of the way now: I'm 5'9 :)

1.Do you tend to eat the same foods? I have read eating the same breakfast, etc speeds up weight loss.

I have read that as well, that your body can burn off food faster if it's "used" to eating it. But I'm not sure if the science is solid, and I've always wondered if that would make you more likely to eventually hit a plateau (because you're never "switching it up")...??? In any case...I'm a pretty boring eater, so my breakfasts and lunches do tend to be similar. For breakfast, I typically eat either a) a bowl of cereal (usually Special K Red Berry, or if I'm in an evil mood, Fruit Loops) with a piece of cheese, or b) two eggs with a side of fruit. For lunch, I've often been having either a veggie wrap on whole wheat bread, or a tuna wrap. I'm pretty boring, as I said. Supper is when I have more variety. And snack time . Gotta get those treats in somewhere!

2.Vitamins! Do they really work or are they just a synthetic chemical the body doesn't even know what to do with? And how do I get my hair to grow? lol (vitamins didn't work lol!!)

I am undecided on the vitamin front! I mean, your body can only absorb so much of one nutrient at a time, so if you are eating pretty balanced, you probably wouldn't need vitamins (I am not a doctor, however!). But in the case of deficiencies, I know that they can be helpful. I personally have to take iron supplements, because my body just doesn't absorb iron very well from food. And I believe that everyone should take their prenatal vitamins if they are pregnant or trying to become pregnant!
As for the hair issue...
I messaged my friend Katie, who is a hairstylist, to better answer this question. (Don't read her blog? You should. It will change your whole perspective on life). Anyway, here is what she said:
"Taking vitamins helps a little! Other than that just limit your use of hot styling tools and pulling it back as they both cause breakage! It won't make your hair grow faster it just keeps it from breaking and being dry and brittle." Oh, and trimming your hair frequently will not make it grow faster, but since it will also lead to less breakage, it may help you grow your hair OUT faster, because you won't have to hack so much off when you do get it cut.

3.How old are you?

I am 28 years old!

4.What's your shoe size?

I'm a size 10...which can be annoying, because sometimes clothing stores around here sell really cute shoes, but they rarely have any 10's! And even stores that DO carry size 10 tend to sell out of them ASAP. (Note to those stores: if you sell out of a certain size quickly, it PROBABLY is more common that you think it is. Order more shoes, dammit!)

5.What's your favorite healthy food?

Hmmm...well I LOVE milk (I drink skim, have since I was a child), and I also really like cucumbers! And I'm pretty much bff's with raspberries...mmm...raspberries...

6.Favorite Fat Girl food?

Ha! I'm supposed to pick just one? I think it would be a tie between dill pickle chips (with dip...yum yum yum) and a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. I also LOVE chocolate, but I don't consider that so bad because I am able to limit myself to a taste here and there! With chips, and also with DQ, I want to dive head-first into whatever serving size is in front of me. And not stop until it's done.

7.When are you going to do a 5K? :)

Oh frig. I don't know. I'm really thinking about doing this year's Terry Fox run, but it's so SOON. Maybe too soon. I mean, I can run 5k and all, but I need more time to mentally prepare myself! I get so much anxiety when it comes to new situations! I wanted one that is a bit later in the fall, but I'm not having any luck finding any where I live. I'm also looking at one that's on New Year's Eve...but I'm just trying to decide whether I want to run on New Year's Eve, lol...

8.What's one thing (top 5) on your bucket list?

Well, I've already done my #1 thing, which was to have children! But right now...I'd LOVE to one day go back to Northern Ireland and once again see the Giant's Causeway. (Don't know what it is? Google it. It's the most freaking beautiful sight you'll ever see in your life).

9.Do you cook a lot? Does your child eat what you cook?

I freaking hate cooking. Which is probably why I mostly eat cereal, eggs, and wraps :) So I wouldn't say that I cook a lot, but I am getting better at it. Also, I don't eat red meat, or any other meat from a mammal (I haven't in almost a decade) so when I do cook it's a lot of chicken!
My son is 7 months old, and yes he eats the baby food that I make :) My daughter is three...she is an interesting one. She basically only wants to eat vegetables and milk products. I have been informed that I am not allowed, in any uncertain terms, to complain about this. Apparently some people would throw a parade if their actually kid wanted to eat a vegetable. But as a result, it's very hard to get her to eat "meals"...she's more of a grazer. We're working on it. She's getting better.
I'd much rather bake a batch of cupcakes than cook...are we starting to see why I ended up with a weight problem? Lol!

10.What are some of your favorite kid-friendly recipes?

See above, ha ha! But I did see a neat breakfast idea on Pinterest that I'll share with you. It's simple, and is a creative way to get in a serving of fruit: Basically, you take a banana, coat it with peanut butter (or soy butter, whatever your kid can eat), then roll it in Rice Krispy cereal. Then, slice it into circles. Voila! Breakfast "sushi"!

Now, onto Part 2...


  1. I kinda hate you right now for being tall. And wearing my size shoes! I'm 5'4-ish, and I wear size 10 skis. Sigh.

    When is that 5k? The Terry Fox one? YOU ARE SO READY!!

  2. P.S. I love your new background. :)

  3. Brandi - you are funny :)

    The Terry Fox one is in less than 2 weeks. (Don't know who Terry Fox is? Google him. He was amazing). That's why I'm hesitant...

  4. Can I throw in my 2 cents about vitamins? In my opinion, they are vital. Even someone who eats a completely balanced diet is not going to get the nutrients they require (unless they eat obscene quantities of food). Vegetables are 5% to 40% lower in minerals (including magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc) than those harvested just 50 years ago! (*stat taken from Time magazine). So vitamins are essential to get you to optimum levels! There is HUGE variation in quality in vitamins though, so researching what you take is important!

  5. Thanks for sharing your opinion, Stasia!

  6. Yay! Thanks for the link back to the Fit Camp blog.

    I am also a size 10 shoe and agree there's never enough!

    I also want to give you a little nudge to get your butt in gear and find a 5k to sign up for. I promise, you'll thank me!

    ~ Jen J.

  7. Awesome Q & A! I think you absolutely can do that 5K but I get it if mentally you are not sold. Looking forward to seeing what you decide!