Saturday, September 22, 2012


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Secondly, if you haven't read my previous post, please do so. Mostly because I want you to see the photos of me and tell me how awesome I am (kidding...well kinda...I actually just want someone to tell me that I don't dress like a total dork, lol. I feel like I forgot how to be fashionable while I was heavier! Any fashion tips would be appreciated!)

Now, onto the "real" post...

If you read my blog, you are probably a woman, and statistically, that means there is a good chance that you are trying to lose weight, or at least have tried to at some point in your life. And I know that when I am trying/have tried to lose weight, there is nothing I love more than reading stories about others in the same boat. And what do I love most to see? Pictures, and STATS! Tell me your size, your height, your weight, and even more importantly – tell me if you’ve always struggled!

So, for your viewing pleasure today, here are some numbers from my own weight-related journey…

(I’m 5’9)

First of all, as a child, I always felt like the “chubby one”. But, in reality, I only felt that way because my sister was so darned skinny! Still is! Sure, I had a little bit of extra chub some years, but most of the time, judging by old photos, I was a pretty healthy weight.

So, then what happened?

High school: When I went to high school, our province still had a grade 13. So I was in high school for five years. During that time, I usually weighed somewhere between 139-145, usually at 140 (except when I was sick and stressed and it plummeted to 115-119)! I think I was closer to 145 by the time I graduated though! I mostly wore size medium shirts, the occasional small, and I think most of my pants were size 11…which really makes no sense, because I’m sure that I must have been at MOST a 9…I must have worn my clothes big back then! Of course I felt fat at the time, but looking back, man I was THIN!

Around 115lbs...not a good look for me...

Freshman year of university: I didn’t quite hit the “Freshman 15”. My weight was probably 150-155…clothes were starting to get snug, but I still think I looked pretty good. Of course, at the time I thought I was a cow.

Next Year: My weight hit, from what I remember, 160+. I know that at one point it hit 175 and I got my butt in gear and lost 10 pounds, but it quickly crept back on.

First peak: 183 – I saw that on the scale in early March of 2006. I was nervous that my Maid of Honour dress for my sister’s wedding wouldn’t fit, as some of that weight had been gained recently, and her wedding was only 2 ½ months away! This is when I got serious, and realized what I was capable of. I starting following Weight Watchers, using my mom’s old books, and hitting the gym hard. I was pleased with the results.

At my Sister’s wedding: 161 (And, for the record, the dress was a tad too big)

First goal: 145, which I hit the following autumn. I ended up settling around 148 for awhile, then got up to 153 – but that was okay! I was wearing size medium shirts (and the occasional small), and size 7/8 or 9/10 pants, depending on the brand.

My wedding, June 30, 2007: 153 – the same weight as when I bought my dress, so I was happy with that because it meant I didn’t need much in the way of alterations!

I may have had some wine...

After the honeymoon: 163! Holy heck! A lot of this was probably “water weight”, but I didn’t get a chance to find out just how much of it was because…I didn’t get my eating back on track after the honeymoon. BIG mistake. Regret, regret, regret.

Second “peak”: 195, just a year after getting married. Now THAT is a problem.

Pre-baby weight: 187

Post-baby #1: Went from 222 (while pregnant) to just under 200 pounds after giving birth without having to try, before getting back down to 187 with just a bit of effort.

Time it took to lose baby weight: 6 months, although most was lost by 5 months.

Lowest weight after baby #1: 172

Pre-pregnancy weight with baby #2: 180. He was born this past February.

Post-pregnancy weight baby #2: Went from 219 (while pregnant) to 198 after giving birth, without trying. Then I started following Weight Watchers again.

Got down to 183 and then my weight loss stalled because my eating was all over the place. And after a couple of months of THAT…I really got serious. (I consider 183 to be my “Recommitment” weight). I was sick of trying to squeeze into the largest size pants at my favourite store (and not succeeding…size 15s, if you must know) and wearing Large or Extra Large shirts.

Time it took to lose pregnancy weight: 6 months (again!), which means that I hit it at the beginning of August this year.

Current weight/size: 164.6 pounds...and counting! Wearing size medium shirts, size 11 pants (Okay, so to be honest, I have only bought pants from one store, so I have no idea what size I fit into in other stores…) I can run up to 10km without stopping (when I have time) and feel so much stronger! Hoping to continue on until I feel fabulous!


  1. I think sizes were smaller back then. My mom brought over some clothes that say size 13 and they are more like a 0 in today sizes.

  2. I love your wedding dress! And yeah, 115 was waaaay too skinny for you. Thanks for the inspiration for a post. I'll get one up with pictures later this week.