Monday, September 10, 2012

More Q&A, oh Happy Day!

I know that you have all been frothing at the mouth to read the rest of my Q&A responses, and as you know, I aim to please! Here it is!

11.What "exercise" works the best for you/gives you best results?

I do a wide variety of different exercises, but I'm a big believer that you have to mix strength with cardio. My favourite strength work out is a class called "Body Pump" that is featured at my gym, because honestly, it's the only way that I can really push myself with strength. Otherwise I get lazy and move on to cardio rather quickly. I also like to do exercises with 5-lb hand weights (at home) that target my triceps. As far as cardio goes, running it making a huge difference in my body, and I'm learning to love it! I also do Zumba and other gym classes, but I think that the running is causing the most changes.

12.What is a typical daily schedule for you? What types of workouts do you do?

I'm on maternity leave (I'm Canadian, so we get the option of taking a year off) so I have no schedule right now, lol. It gives me the time to work out once a day, which is awesome. Sometimes I do it in the late morning, after the kids are up and either my husband or parents are available to watch them, and sometimes I wait until the evening. It really depends on what we have planned that day. The key is being flexible!
Aside from the workouts I mentioned above, I also sometimes do a step class (it's way harder than it looks!), a high intensity cardio class called "Body Attack" (I nearly die every time), or sometimes "Body Combat" (a marital arts and boxing-type cardio workout). I also use the treadmill at the gym or the elliptical. I do have some workout videos, and my favourite is the 30-Day Shred! And I always - ALWAYS - take one day per week where I ONLY go for a walk, nothing else. Gotta give the body a rest!

13.What is your biggest mistake on your journey so far? If you could go back and do something differently...?

Not starting sooner!!! Argh! So frustrating! More specifically, I really wish that I hadn't waited so long (several months) before REALLY starting to add fitness into my weight-loss regime. I helps me get results faster, sure, but it also helps me out MENTALLY. And that, in and of itself, is worth all of the sweat!
You don’t need to bust your butt for an hour a day, people. Even 30 minutes a few times a week can make a big difference if you are consistent. You just have to make those 30 minutes COUNT!
Also, I wish that I had taken more “before” pictures. All I have is two crappy ones where I look really ugly, and I hate posting them. (Don't just go by the scale! Measurements and photos help so much!)

14.What was the last book you read?

“Electrified Sheep”. It’s a sequel to “Elephants on Acid”. These are NOT novels, folks. They are easy-to-follow overviews of real science experiments that have been performed throughout history. (Yes, I’m a nerd, this is not news to anyone who knows me). Some of the things these scientists did really paved the way for big improvements in our daily lives. Others...not so much. I mean, who really thought it was a good idea to try to raise a chimpanzee as a human child? Or give acid to an elephant? And why oh why do so many scientists use their “junk” in their experiments? (And yes, I am talking about THAT kind of “junk”. Pervs).
But if you DO like science, I’d recommend these books. Just beware: scientists were not always so kind to animals, so you may want to skip a few stories if you are sensitive to that. br>

15.How often do you craft?

It comes in spurts, honestly. Right now, I am in the middle of a big project, so about once a week I work on it for several hours. Normally I craft a bit more in the winter months than in the summer, especially around holidays. Cake and cupcake baking, however, is year-round! Feel free to share your designs with me!

16. Being a busy mom how hard is it to motivate yourself sometimes?? How do you push yourself off that couch :)

Well, keep in mind that I am on maternity leave, and while it's certainly busy with two children, I don't get quite as worn out physically as when I am working. However, I found that when I first started working out, it was hard. But then I quickly realized how much more energy I have when I do exercise, and that really helps motivate me. Also, seeing results - nothing gets me more pepped up than a good weigh-in, new measurements, or seeing some "before and after" photos!

17. Where do you find your meal ideas/inspirations? That's a big stumbling block for me....there is so much out there, I just don't know where to look!

Since I'm not a great cook, I've been following simple recipes, usually found in "Four Ingredient" cookbooks. (So yes, you literally only need four ingredients. I also have a Five Ingredient Crockpot cookbook.) I've also been starting to look on Pinterest for healthier recipe ideas, and also blogs of other moms, especially those who are trying to lose weight. Okay, so I mostly look for dessert ideas. Sue me.

18. With WW, do you count calories or servings (like 1 veg, 1 protein, 1 bread, etc.)?

Weight watchers has a "Points" system, where points are calculated for foods based on calories, fat, protein (if you follow the new system, which I don't) and fibre. You have a certain number of "Points" to eat each day. Technically you could eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your daily Points and still lose weight, but they definitely emphasize eating balanced. If you only eat junk, you will use up your points very quickly and go hungry later! Personally, I've been trying to get in a lot of fruits and veggies, more protein, and less carbs. I still eat carbs, but because I'm a carbo-holic, I have to watch it!

19. Consider this a "would you rather": So if you had to pick being at goal weight but 2 sizes above your goal size or being at your goal size but 15lbs higher than your goal weight which would you pick?

Well, since the whole point of me being on this journey (besides for health) is to get thinner, I would pick being a smaller size even if it meant that my weight was a bit higher than I'd like. That’s in theory,k of course. With that REALITY, I'm sure it would drive me absolutely crazy to get to a point where the scale wasn't budging no matter what I did. Despite my best efforts to feel otherwise, my success (as far as body image goes) is tied to the damn number on the scale! What’s up with that!

That’s all, folks! If you ever have a question for me, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments section of one of my posts! I’ll be happy to answer!

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  1. Great posts Brenna! I wish I had the motivation you have to workout. I find it hard to balance work and mommyhood and dinners and cleaning AND working out...the dilemma of every working mom I suppose!

    PS...I love crafting too...whatcha working on?