Friday, September 7, 2012

30 Pound Weight-Loss Pictures!!!

Yes, yes, Part 2 of the Q&A will come soon, blah blah blah. But for now, I am excited to announce that I have officially lost 30 POUNDS!!!! I've gone from 198 to 168 (I'm 5'9) and it feels great!

You want to see pictures? Of course you do!

I am especially happy with the changes to my midsection. Even ten pounds ago, my belly was noticeably bigger:

I know that it's never going to be perfectly flat. Keep in mind that 7 months ago, it looked like this: (yes, those are stretch marks. Deal with it!)

It grew rather rapidly (I'm a nerd):

I have no idea how to make that picture any bigger...maybe it can't be, or maybe I'm incompetent. We'll never know (hopefully). Anyway...I couldn't be more pleased with my progress to date, and I look forward to sharing the rest of my journey with you. Eleven more pounds to go!


  1. Oh my goodness look how your hard work is paying off! You look fantastic!!!! =)

  2. You look great!! Keep up the good work!! :)

  3. You look so good! Keep up the good work!