Friday, September 21, 2012

Fat-Free Friday

This week kind of sucked cold air. I'm hoping I'm PMSing, because that would be a great excuse for how I felt. I was ravenous. Constantly. I craved sugar, and ate it like there was no tommorrow. And carbs? They were my BFFs. BUT...for the most part (mostly...) I stuck within my daily "Points" values, and despite my worries, I did manage to lose one pound this week. Happy with that, all things considered.

Also, I had a HUGE victory while out shopping - I tried on a bunch of shirts at my favourite store. All of them were size medium. And ALL of them fit! Been waiting so long for that to happen again! Here is one of my new shirts (not the most flattering one, but who cares, I love it!):

This week will be a bit different for me. I'm going on a mini-vacay at the end of next week, so I will be weighing myself on Wednesday instead of Friday. And I will be crossing my fingers and toes that I will NOT gain weight during my vacation...and maybe I will even see a loss the following week. A girl can hope, right?

So, here is my vacation plans:

Day 1: Eat breakfast at home, count my points the rest of the day. This day will probably be fast-food eating, so hopefully I can make decent choices.

Days 2&3: Forget about counting points, and instead make the best choices possible (while allowing myself a few treats), and focus more on portion control. Maybe do some minor strength training in the hotel room since I won't be working out otherwise.

Day 4: Same as Day 1.

Wish me luck! I'm sure I'll need it!

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  1. Have a good mini vacay! I believe in your philosophy of just eating responsibly. I love the new aqua and black and white striped shirt! ~ Jen J.

  2. You look great! That brown/grey/black striped shirt is A-MAZING!

  3. Love the tops, especially that first one! You look fantastic! And see, I may be able to wear smaller jeans, but I haven't worn a Medium shirt since jr high! Have fun on vacation. :)