Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hosting a Healthier Barbecue

So, since spring has SORT OF arrived around here (the weather is still all over the place, but getting better), I have been thinking about barbecue season. In the past, summer has typically been a time of healthier eating for me. However, when it comes to family barbecues - oh my goodness. It's all about delicious, glorious, full-fat food. And that's okay, in moderation. But, if you're like me and appreciate a good barbecue more than once-in-a-blue moon, you sometimes feel like you're constantly indulging. So, I'm looking for ways to host a healthier barbecue: recipes, tips, swaps, etc. I will share with you what I have come up with so far, but feel free to share your ideas with me as well!

My ideas:

- Choose leaner meats to barbecue, like chicken breasts, and flavour them up with seasonings instead of sauces

- If hamburgers are your love, make your own using lean meat. If you're into hotdogs, and looking to save calories, simply enjoy the meat while skipping the bun - Be creative with what you choose to barbecue. Shrimp is a tasty choice that people forget about! - Salad is a good side dish, but if you are getting sick of greens, definitely grill some vegetables! Red peppers with mushrooms and eggplant done together is good combo! Or make/buy veggie kabobs for something fun

- If you do love dishes like macaroni and potato salad, consider making one to enjoy...not six!

- Avoid liquid calories. Water works just fine!

- Watermelon is the perfect barbecue "dessert". Or a fruit salad featuring berries. No need for anything fancier!

As you can see, I need more ideas, so...thoughts, anyone?

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