Thursday, May 22, 2014

Five Weeks

So, as I mentioned previously, I wanted to create a five week challenge for myself starting on May 23rd. Why did I pick this date? Well, it happens to by my daughter’s birthday, and is about 5 ½ weeks before my own birthday. I am going to be 30 this year (yikes!) and I really want to feel my best. I know that it’s not enough time to hit my goal weight, but if I can at least get close to the 150s, I will feel pretty good.

My original goal weight, for those of you who remember, was 157. I later changed it to 153, and then chose a goal range of 148-153. I think that goal range was a bit low for me, to be honest, so I’m amending things this time.

My new goal weight is 155, aiming for a goal RANGE of 153-157. The benefit of a goal range is that you don’t stress about ever little half pound gain. When you are at the lower end, you know that you can have a few extra treats without worrying about it. When you are at the top of your range, you know it’s time to reign things it. I think it would have worked well for me, had I not chosen such a low goal.

The only reason that I wanted to get to 148 is so that I could say I lost an even 50lbs. Now I don’t care so much about that. I just want to be healthy, look my best, and still enjoy food.

Here is my five week plan, aka the “Fit in Five” Challenge. You all know that I’m dorky and like to name my challenges!


1. I will try to get to the gym 3 times per week, and work out on my own at home (running, DVDs, etc) 1-2 times per week
2. I will push myself with cardio, and start adding more weight with my strength training
3. I will do 1000 pushups during these five weeks, and do arm exercises at home on my non-gym days
4. I will do 1000 squats or lunges (at home)
5. I will do 1000 crunches (or crunch variations) and 35 minutes of planking (one minute each day, average) on top of my gym-time exercises


1. I will drink more water to avoid snacking mindlessly (I have a terrible oral fixation)
2. I will count my points and stay within my daily target as much as possible
3. I will focus on eating more vegetables, aiming for at least 3 servings a day
4. I will focus on decreasing the amount of non-natural sugar I consume
5. I will try new things, and experiment with new tastes, to make healthy food more interesting

Some of these goals may not seem that impressive. I mean, heck, some people do 1000 crunches in a DAY. But for me, they’re realistic, and they WILL make a difference in how I look and feel. So I’m sticking with this!

Here are some “before” photos for you (And yes, they are more of the crappy-bathroom-quality kind. My apologies):

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And here is a goodie – one of my in the shorts that fit me perfectly well last year (and yes, you will see lots of stretch marks. Deal). I have quite a way to go:

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That's all for now!


  1. 144 was my goal so that I could have said I'd lost 60 pounds. I got so close but now I'm back up. How tall are you? I felt awesome at 150 or so. I need to lose about 15 to get back there. I need to get remotivated!

  2. Taxi Julie - I'm 5'9!! Good luck on your quest!