Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reality Check, and New Motivation

Remember how in my last post, I said that I didn't need to check out the scale to know that I'd blown it in a big way?

Well, I couldn't resist, and I was still struggling with my eating, so I sucked it up and stepped on that bad boy this morning. I was NOT happy to see that I'd gained over 3 pounds in ONE WEEK. Yup...that's how far off track I've been.

I guess I can hope that I'll lose it as quickly as I gained it? Wishful thinking?

Anyway...this wasn't a surprise to me, so instead of getting down with myself, I did what anyone reasonable, weight-conscious woman would do.

I went bathing suit shopping.

Oh, put your eyes back in your head. Yes, it sounds crazy, but hear me out: I figured that if I managed to try on bathing suits and actually NOT feel like a cow, it would a) put me in a better mood, and b) motivate me to get back on track with my eating.

Mission accomplished!

I ended up buying a cute suit. Size large bottoms, size SMALL top.'s a two piece. It's actually a BIKINI - you know, that thing I said I'd NEVER be able to wear again? And you know...I don't think I look half bad in it...

Yes, I have loose skin, but it's covered by the higher-rise bottoms. Yes, I have stretch marks, but I can deal with those. No, my tummy is not perfect, but I've worked SO HARD that I felt I deserved to at least try some bikinis on. And, with my sister and husband's urgings, I made a purchase that I'm happy with. Progress, not perfection, right?

That gets me thinking...when I make it to my ultimate goal (and I WILL get there), I might even post a picture for you guys to see :) In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of the pattern...

Isn't it pretty?

In unrelated news (since I feel that I should occasionally blog about things OUTSIDE of weight loss, to prove that I do, in fact, have a life), I painted my daughter's toenails for the first time today (yes, I used child-safe polish). She was so excited to have sparkly toes "Just like Mommy".

Also, something else that any of my mom readers might appreciate: a view of our family room at the end of the day:

Cleaning seems never-ending when you have kids. But I wouldn't want it any other way!

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