Friday, April 5, 2013

Fat-Free Friday - FORGET IT!

I am not weighing myself today. I had a horrible eating week, and I don't need to look at the scale to get the reality check I need! I'm back on track today, and that's all I'm saying because you guys must be SICK of my whining by now! Besides...there is something else I want to talk about...I call this post "Sad".

Sometimes, when I look at pictures of my almost four-year-old as a baby, I get sad.

There are many reasons for this (and realizing that she's growing up too darned fast is a big one!), but noticing how few pictures exist of her and I really gets to me. Because I know what the reason was: I hated how I looked, and didn't want to be captured in photos. I really regret feeling that way, and even moreso, I regret letting those feelings control my behaviour. It seems so incredibly shallow and stupid now.

Here are a few of the ones I did find:

Yes, I was heavier than I wanted to be. No, I don't think that I look too great. I even cringe at a few of them. But do I look horrendous? Was it really so bad that I should have felt the need to hide from the camera and away from pictures with my baby? No. Besides, no one looks bad enough for that!

To any of you expectant or new moms...please learn from my mistake. Let people take photos of you. Let them capture those moments, for they will become cherished memories. Please don't be as self-involved as I was - you don't need to hide! I promise you this: you won't regret a few bad photos, but you WILL regret the ones you were afraid to take! Trust me!

In other news...I'm lacking a bit of inspiration for blog topics lately...anyone have any suggestions? Also...and this is important...become a follower of my blog! I really want to host another giveaway, and would love to hit 100 followers before I do so!!! a girl out!


  1. You look beautiful in all these photos and your daughter is stunning with those blue eyes. :)

  2. Hmm, I didn't think of this. I still avoid taking a lot of pics with the twins... "of" them I take TONS of pics but you are right, the memories are worth it. New perspective, thank you!

    PS- you look beautiful with your baby girl in all of the pics ;)