Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Things You May Not Know About Me (With Pictures)...

- I am 5’9 and have size 10 feet
- I have freckles, but they are very light
- I tend to get really obsessed about relatively minor things
- I like doing artsy and crafty stuff

- I used to take random pictures of my pets. For funsies.
- I have a WHITE birthmark on my right arm
- I tend to get really obsessed about relatively minor things
- Racism boggles my mind, it's so stupid
- When I hit my ultimate goal, I'm going to post a picture of myself in a bikini

- I was born on my mom’s birthday, which is also Canada Day
- My daughter was born on my grandmother’s birthday
- My son was born on my aunt’s birthday
- I tend to get REALLY obsessed about relatively minor things
- My sister is my best friend (I'm on the right)

- I'm part Irish, part Scottish, and part Native American
- I don't drink very often
- I don't really like swearing
- I LOVE milk and could never do a dairy-free diet
- I can move my baby toes independently
- I am obsessed with Disney World

- I hate cheesecake
- I am afraid of air travel
- jellyfish creep me the heck out
- our household has three cats and two dogs...and a fish tank!

- I had fertility-related problems before I had my daughter (but got pregnant with my son right away)
- I never say no to a piece of cake (unless it's cheesecake...)

Also...I love, love LOVE colourful boys clothes...and I love a good sale. Which is why I was excited to pick up these babies for 5$ a pop:

Of course I had to get something for my daughter, too!

And....I have nothing else to say. So, with that, I'm off!

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