Friday, March 1, 2013

Fat-Free Friday = Freakin' AWESOME!

Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?”

Isn’t this a great quote? (I can’t remember if I’ve shared this with you before. I have a terrible memory). I saw it in the signature line of my co-worker’s email, and I just love it. I’m all about ongoing self-improvement (as if you haven’t noticed), and it’s truly not all about what I look like on the outside. The inside is even more important. So, let me ask you - is YOUR attitude worth catching? I'm hoping mine is!

Now, onto Fat-Free Friday: this week was BAD. Despite eating good meals (yay me), I found that I was RAVENOUS throughout the day. (I feel like I’ve complained about this before. Many times.) Anyway…I spent way too much time shoving way too much random food into my mouth. Kids’ leftovers. Chocolate. McDonald’s pies. Chocolate. Mom’s mac and cheese. Chocolate. Cookies at work. More chocolate. Seriously, I was even shoveling stuff into my mouth that I DON’T EVEN LIKE! And I have no idea why.

Fortunately, with a bit of determination, I was able to reign in my snacking on Wednesday and Tuesday. Which is, I’m sure, the only reason that I lost 2.2 pounds this week. Yes, you read that right. I'm still in shock about that! I'm officially the lowest weight (152.2) that I've been since BEFORE I WAS MARRIED!!! Man I feel like a rockstar...

I don’t know what my problem is as far as food goes, but I suspect that one issue is that I’m starting to find my “go to” foods BORING. I mean, I’m not much of a cook, so being creative with food isn’t something that comes easy to me. But I’m making the effort to try new things. For example, earlier this week I threw together a shrimp stir fry with a bit of Thai sauce that was quite yummy. And one morning I tried a new oatmeal combination (plain oatmeal + ½ cup thawed frozen raspberries + 1 tablespoon semi sweet chocolate chips = YUM). I’m also looking into trying a “skinny” taco salad this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this helps!

Sweets have been the biggest craving, which is something that I actually DIDN’T struggle with before beginning this weight-loss journey, so I do find that a bit confusing.

But still, I lost over 2 pounds, I'm less than 5 pounds away from my ultimate goal, and I finally found coloured skinny jeans that I love (in a size 8!!!) So, today is a good day!

Also, I now have an email address hooked up to this blog! Send me a line at bren.babysteps @
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That is all!


  1. You look awesome!!! I am struggling with both food and exercise this week (and every week actually). When I read your blog it makes me want to get my act together!

    PS - where'd you find those skinny jeans and were they a good deal?

  2. Stasia, I facebooked you :)

  3. Got it! :)

    PS - have you ever read the Undressed Skeleton's blog? She posts lots of low cal sweets recipes that all sound super yum!

  4. Yay for lowest weight in a while!!!
    You look GREAT ;)