Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Mumblings

So, it is Easter Monday here, and even though my workplace is open, I was assigned a day off. Score! The weather is gorgeous today, so I think a leisurely run will be a must! And time outside with the kids! And maybe some ice cream? I am so glad that the cold weather is FINALLY starting to go away! I hope it lasts...

I have a chocolate hangover from yesterday, and am ready to get back on track today. However, even though I still want to re-lose at least 10lbs, I am really starting to let the guilt go. I don't want food to be associated with any negative feelings anymore. I don't want to divide my days into "good days" and "bad days" based on what is going into my mouth. I have to be kinder to myself...and I'm really starting to get that.

Other fun news? In the next six months or so, we are set to become homeowners. You may think this is crazy, but my husband and I are planning to buy my childhood home off of my parents. They will continue to live downstairs in the apartment they set up a few years ago. I am so excited to finally become a homeowner...and to decorate more of the house MY way :) I plan to take before and after pictures of the process, so I can share them on here...eventually!

I am also starting to think about upgrading the nursery to a "big boy" room. Donovan is still sleeping on his crib, and although he's so destructive that I'd like to leave him in there forever, I know that soon he will need to switch to a bed. Looking up ideas for his room is pretty fun. My husband works on airplanes, and would love to find a bedding in that theme. Something like this would be great:

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Then again, I love the colours in this one, even though it's a different theme:

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Decisions, decisions!

Anyway, enough about me. I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend, hopefully with family and friends...and chocolate...

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