Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Know, I Know...

I've become a fallen blogger again! Only one post last week? What's UP with that?

No worries. I've been keeping myself busy. I had another crazy-pants moment and got myself set up with various craft projects, which my brain decided that I had to start IMMEDIATELY. It's been fun, but I'm not actually done any of them yet. I'm still working on my daughter's board game, and now some project for her birthday party (which is at the end of May. Hey, I DID say "crazy"!)

I've also been eating better and exercising. We've had some more warmer weather, and running outdoors has been amazing. Remember how I was frustrated awhile back that I was getting slower and slower? I think my last outdoor 5k time was 38 minutes (way up from my all-time low of around 31). Well, I am happy to say that I gave it my all the other day, and completed the run in just over 35. I'm getting there!

And, for the record...I CAN'T say that I'm missing the treadmill!

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