Monday, March 3, 2014

Pulling Up My Big Girl Pants

First of all, I wanted to apologize to you all for my recent whiney, self-deprecating attitude. I realize that wallowing in self pity and putting it on the internet isn't exactly going to endear myself to people. I want to be open and honest, but I think complaining that I feel like a failure took it a bit too far.

Most importantly, I don't want anyone reading my blog to think that THEY are a failure if they have the same challenges as me. We all make mistakes, we all screw up, we all have times where we fall back on our goals. It's okay. It means we are human.

So, I am pulling myself up by my bootstraps and moving forward. I weigh 15-20lbs more than I'd ideally like to, and rather than whimpering about it, I'm going to DO something about it.

I started today with a good gym session, healthier eating, and some goal planning. I'm back at it. Hopefully I will feel a bit stronger every day.

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