Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm Back, Baby!

Back at the weight loss game, that is!

I should be more specific: today I felt like I was back. Yesterday I was not back. Yesterday I was face-first in a bag of dill pickle chips that SOMONE (not me) brought home from the store. Obviously I couldn't help myself. But today, I pretty much rocked it. Okay, okay, I did sneak a few chips again, but I stopped myself before finishing the whole bag. And that is a win to me!

I also went to one of my favourite gym classes today after work. It's called Body Attack, and is a high intensity cardio and toning class. I was DRIPPING in sweat - I love that feeling! No better way of knowing how hard you are working! I just need to stay motivated enough to keep at it and have more those bathing-in-my-own-filth type of feelings!

I know that I pretty much abandoned my Summer Slimdown challenge, but don't you worry...I have new plans starting September 1st for an Autumn challenge. I really need to fit back into my favourite jeans (which are currently giving me major muffin-top). Stay tuned!

One last thing: during my class today, while we were doing our ab exercises, I was reminded of this picture...I think it describes me to a T:

Hey, you gotta laugh at yourself, right?


  1. Great job!!!

    And you look awesome!

  2. So funny!

    I'm excited for your Autumn Challenge. I'll rock it with you!!