Friday, August 30, 2013

Advice on Getting "Back on Track"

A little bit over a week ago, I was still struggling to lug my lazy butt back onto the weight-loss bandwagon. So, I posted on an online "Fit Camp" that I belong to, and asked for THEIR top pieces of advice about getting back on track. Here is what they had to say:

1. "Start with a support group!!!" - Amy W

2. "Meal plan!! Whenever I need to get back on track, I meal plan, list out every ingredient and hit the grocery store. I feel SOOO guilty about throwing out food I didn't eat so that way I actually cook the meals I have bought the ingredients for" - Wendy W

3. ""Schedule" your workout like you would schedule anything else." - Valori T

4. "I post my Big Girl photos on my fridge, in the pantry, in my bathroom by my mirror. To remind myself how far I have come, and how quickly I could be there again if I don't get my ass together!" -Sheila R

5. "Start small: more water less juice, re-committing to small bursts of exercise a few times a week, and letting go of guilt." - Christina F

6. "Food prep, a s*** ton of water, and some sort of exercise 4x a week! " -Patricia

7. "Change up your motivators. When I started I had pics of celebs on my fridge. Then once that impact was gone I created a vision board. A new one each month. Then I started a list of rewards for when I reach a milestone such as a tan at 50% lost, hair & nail supplement ($85) when I get to 'normal' weight range, etc. Then I also created a spreadsheet that has about 10 different calculations on it so everyday when I punch in my weight it gives me results for my lost pounds list, pounds to goal, kilos lost, kilos to goal, kilos to next milestone, percentages lost etc. and finally I use a glass chalk pen to write myself messages of encouragement around the house. That way you keep motivating yourself from lots of different angles." - Sonya

Great tips, ladies! Thanks for sharing them! And I hope that you, my readers, gain some inspiration from them!

P.S. Apparently I like using exclamation marks...dork...

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