Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blither and Blather

This was me last week:

“Darn you, coworkers! Bringing in cookies and chocolate and forcing it down my throat…can’t you see that I brought a banana with me to try to keep things healthy? You’re going DOWN.”

(Yeah yeah yeah…darn ME and my limited willpower, you say. Well, right now I’m in a sassy-frassy mood, and I don’t feel like accepting responsibility for my own problems, mmkay?)

And here is me this week:

Willpower? No problem! You can keep your cookies and cakes – I got my oatmeal for lunch and I’m feeling skinnier already!

Sometimes, it just takes a change in perspective to make ourselves feel better. And having confidence DEFINITELY helps with weight loss, I’ve learned.

It’s funny – before, when I wanted to lose weight, I didn’t care about having self-confidence. I thought that if I felt good about myself, I’d stop caring about my weight-loss goals. It was so wrong of me to think that way. I actually WANTED to hate my body, thinking it would motivate me to change. In reality, the worse I felt, the LESS motivated I was. And the more I ate. But, when I started exercising, my confidence went up very quickly. Whenever I lost a pound, made healthy choices, or noticed my clothes getting looser, I felt good about myself. And that made me want to keep going…and improve even more.

Please don’t let yourself focus only on the flaws you think you need to change. Find something about your body that you like – and flaunt it! Let yourself gain that much-deserved confidence. Because, in my experience, the better you feel about your body, the more you’ll want to take care of it.

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