Monday, December 30, 2013

Two More Days...

I have decided that January 1st will be the day I go back to my healthy eating and exercise plan. Which means I have two more days of allowing myself to eat those extra Christmas cookies and chocolates that seem to pop up everywhere. How does that even happen?

I'm going to go about my plan a little bit differently this time. Nothing drastic, but I need to change things up to stay motivated. I will post more details later in the week.

My weight, currently, is bad. Very very bad. As in, I've crept just a tiny bit into "overweight" territory. Which means that even though I'm not "officially" starting over until January first, I am going to try to not go completely overboard during the next two days.

It's not just about how I look - it's also about how I feel. Which isn't great. And I'm ready to get back at it. Finally ready.

Because I want to feel great, have more energy, and look like this again:

Yup...the thought of that makes me excited!

Until then...Happy New Year!!! Be safe and have fun!

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