Monday, December 16, 2013

This and That

It's Christmastime, and life is busy. So much is happening, for me and for those around me. That means - even moreso than usual - that my mind is constantly running at high speed. Here are a few things I'm thinking of right now:

1. One of my lifelong friends is expecting a baby any day now. Actually, she was expecting him or her a whole week ago. I am impatiently awaiting this little one's arrival - what an exciting time of year to be having a baby! I can't wait to know: boy or girl? Blonde or Brunette? Name? Ahhh, I'm excited!

2. There are no more food-related holiday parties for me until Christmas. Will I finally get my eating back on track? Or will I devour the whole carton of candy cane ice cream that appeared in my fridge?

3. I'm hitting up the gym today, and going to focus on cardio - wish my the best of luck, because last week I was hurting in this area! I miss running without struggling!

4. On Friday, I set out to the mall to spread Christmas cheer through Random Acts of Kindness. It was an epic fail. I think I will make a separate post about this later.

5. My blog friend, Katie, had her Christmas wish come true a little early this year. You could call it a "special delivery" from the Father of Christmas. After going through so much heartache in her life, she deserves this. Read about her most special gift here.

Have a great week, everyone. And stay away from the malls - those places are scary right now!

P.S. How cool is this tree? I want to do one like it some day:

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