Thursday, December 5, 2013

Getting Crafty

As promised, here are some pictures of projects that I have worked on recently. Remember, there are many that I can't share right now as they are Christmas gifts...but I will make sure to let you all see in the New Year!

Feast your eyes...

1. I learned to crochet, so I made this know, to keep my ears warm during those early-morning runs...(hence how horrid I look)

2. I love wreath-making. This is the first year I attempted a yarn wreath, and I love the result!

3. Decided to do a little bit of sewing...

4...and a little more crocheting...

Interested in making any of these projects? Let me know, and I'll either post a tutorial, or link you up to the one I used. I love creating things, but thank GOODNESS I got this all done before the Christmas season hit...otherwise I'd be doomed!

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