Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Q&A With Fellow Bloggers

A little while ago, I got the idea to do a fun, random question-and-answer period featuring some of my favourite bloggers and blogging friends. I would like to thank all of them for indulging me! A variety of topics are covered, so hopefully there is at least one that will interest everyone!

If you are interested in being part of a future Q&A on this blog, email me!!!

Now, onto the good stuff...

"You had a lot of weight to lose when you first started. How did you keep motivated without getting overwhelmed?"

"In the beginning, I just wanted to succeed so badly, that I literally removed failure as an option. I knew that I had to remove the option to cheat and/or fail. I was very rigid and strict in order to maintain focus. Actually seeing progress is a huge motivator to keep going. I had to remind myself, though, on "off" weeks where the scale did not move, that not working out and not eating well would only serve to put me back not forward. That was the hardest mental hurdle to overcome. I think that helped me to keep momentum and focus." - Jennifer, from FatChick2FitChick (who lost 100 pounds already!!!)

"How do achieve balance between family life, work, exercise...and everything else?!"

"First and foremost, my family is my top priority, so they always come first! Our time together as a whole family is spent mostly in the evenings and weekends, when Robb is home from work. We have to actually schedule things on the calendar in order to make them happen. I'm blessed to be able to work from home two evenings a week when Robb is home to watch the boys. I love this as a way to get some adult interaction and earn a little income, but still consider myself a stay at home mom. Fitness and exercise time comes in last, I spend time working out when the boys are napping, or at night when again, Robb is home to play with them. At the most, I spend an hour at a time working out, usually less. I think it's all about prioritizing the things that make you the most happy." - Katie, from When Hello Means Goodbye

"What one piece of advice would you give to a new blogger about what NOT to do?"

"Don't worry about your audience. Write and say what you want. If people like what you have to say, they'll be back to read more." - Brandi Laughlin from Mama Laughlin

"Where do you get your cake and crafting ideas?"

Obviously Pinterest is a great source for creative ideas, but I also get them from magazines, books...and just randomly Googling different topics. There are so many ideas out there, that sometimes the hardest part is choosing what to make! - question posed to ME

...And if any of you are struggling with infertility, please read the following message from a woman whose been there, fought the good fight, and ended up with adorable twins!

"What advice would you give to someone who was just diagnosed with fertility problems and feeling hopeless"?

"I struggled for years with infertility. I went through many rounds of fertility treatments before moving on to my last shot: IVF. After 2 miscarriages, this one IVF finally stuck and I am now a mother of boy/girl twins. And this is probably not what you want to hear right now…

For those starting out in their infertility journey, my first advice is to cry it out. If you have to let it out… don’t hold back. Go ahead and hate the word “relax”, and not want to see your friends and families with tiny babies for a while, you have lost something and you need to mourn it. Go ahead and look up your options. Nothing is definite. Even those who have been told they have less than 10% chances have had a chance to conceive on their own and others like me, have been lucky that science has evolved as much as it has. You might feel like the world has come to an end, and you know what? It has. The innocence is gone. The forever hope is gone. And that fear of never becoming a mother takes over. But once you’ve had time to cry it out and ask over and over again: “Why me?”, you’ll see that the only world that ended is the one where you didn’t have to fight as hard. From now on, you are nothing but a fighter. You can overcome anything short of death. Yes, yes you can. -Shanny, from

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