Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weighty Matters


So, remember how I told you that last time I went away on a mini vacation, I gained four pounds? And how this time, I was hoping to gain less? Well, I did…technically speaking. I only gained 3.8, ha ha! Take THAT scale! (Also, I’ve already lost 1.5 of that in just a day, so that THAT AGAIN!) I am in a great mindset – motivated but not obsessed – and I look forward to watching the scale keep going down.

Now, enough about me. Let’s talk…

Some of your have probably read the story about the “hot mom” (read article here) who got a lot of flack for posting a picture of her enviable figure alongside her three sons with the caption, “What’s your excuse?” Maria Kang looks flawless, happy, and cute as heck. And yet, people want to criticize.

Now, I’m not sure what people are objecting to the most. Do they assume that being fit and toned means she’s neglecting her kids? That wouldn’t be fair. She says herself that she exercises instead of watching TV, gets up early to fit in her workouts, and exercises at the park while her children play. None of this makes her a bad, selfish mother. Give the woman a break. Moms are allowed to look good.

On the other hand, are people objecting to the “What’s your excuse?” tagline? Because that I would understand. I have never myself been a fan of the “no more excuses” mantra that people throw at each other when it comes to fitness, eating, or anything else in life. It’s one thing if you use to help motivate yourself, but it’s quite another to use that phrase as a weapon to shame people into changes their habits (Please note: I don’t think Kang was trying to do that. I believe hers was more of an “If I can do it, so can you” intention). I can appreciate the fact that some people will always have an easier time losing weight, and others will struggle, and I keep in mind that what ,may seem like “excuses” to others might be very real reasons to someone else. Just because those reasons don’t make goals unachievable doesn’t mean that they don’t make them a heck of a lot more difficult. It’s unavoidable. Life happens!

And that’s the reality: life is hard. And it’s harder for some people than others…or at least it feels that way to them. Encouragement goes a long way. Check your judgement at the door.

Not to mention…what’s with fat-bashing? Having a well-toned physique is not the only mark of good health and success. You can actually be overweight and in better health than someone slimmer. (For all we know, funny-honey Melissa McCarthy could be, internally, the picture of good health. And talk about successful!) I guess I just will never understand the need to shame women about their bodies – whether it’s because they’re a sexy momma, or a heavier hottie. Why is our worth tied to our appearance? Men would never put up with this, and good on them. So…why do we?


  1. I definitely think its mainly the "Whats your excuse" tagline. To me it implies that you need to have an excuse to not look like her. As you said, some people have a harder time, some have other issues and lets be honest....some of us just don't care. (like me! lol)

  2. Very true, Jenni! I would have to give up SO MUCH to look like that, and it's not worth it to me :)