Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hyped Up

Guess what I’ve been up to lately?

Craftin’ it up…OLD SCHOOL!

(That’s what we used to say in high school, when we got back into crafting. We were coolz, yo.)

Anyway, I’ve been a bit manic lately – too much energy and creative ideas, so there’s no time to sleep – and as a result I went out a bought a whole WHACK of crafting gear. For Christmas project-making. In October.

Of course I can’t share most of my ideas with you YET, because they are indeed gifts for people who may or may not read this blog. However, I can tell you that if you go onto Pinterest and enter “Christmas Craft Ideas”, it will be all the inspiration you need! I have chosen projects that are neither hard nor horribly time consuming for the most part. Unlike last year when I made that felt playhouse for my kids and wanted to run away and to Greenland, it took so long.

In other news, want to hear something embarassing? I went to the gym yesterday, but I forgot my shoes. I tried to work out (safely) in my sock feet, but they kicked me out. So much for the great butt-kicking exercises I had planned!

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