Monday, May 20, 2013

Scary Gain, Getting Crafty, and Summer Lovin’

Remember my post about hitting my goal, feeling awesome, and finally throwing on a bikini? Well, a few days after that, I started a week of eating like complete garbage. Why, I don’t know. “Too many events going on” was my excuse. So I ate and ate. And in that week, I gained 10 pounds.

Yes, you read that correctly. TEN POUNDS. Holy moly. In a few days of eating better,half of that is gone. But STILL. Why did I let myself go that far off track? I guess I just need to except that this eating stuff will always be a bit of a fight for me. There is no finishline.

In order to avoid shoving everything on earth into my mouth all evening long, I’ve been crafting up a storm. I still haven’t decided on a “bigger” project (probably something sewing related), but I decided that I needed to do something with the copious amount of scrapbooking materials that I had lying around. So I started making greeting cards.

Birthday cards, note cards, thank you cards…you name it, I’m making it. I’m even getting ahead of myself and making some Christmas cards using, among other things, old gift tags. And I’m making gift tags out of old cards. Creative AND good for the environment. Remember, “reuse” comes before “recycle”!!! It’s kind of nice having a little fun project to work on at night once the kids are in bed!

I’m also starting to really look forward to the summer. I do love spring, but ours has been a bit on the rainy and cool side. I can’t wait until I can sit outside in shorts and a tank (and not feel self conscious, like last summer), or duck into the pool after work, or share some ice cream with my little ones. Okay, that last one has happened already. A few times! What can I say? Ice cream + oreos = best combo ever!

I hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Eeeek, I'm sure most of those were water weight... glad half is gone, I have to say... getting all crafty is an awesome way to keep yourself busy and in check. Pictures? This means you have to do a whole post on your awesome greeting cards :D

    Ice cream is my weakness. My horrible sweet husband keeps buying it and tormenting me and I have a hard time saying no :-/ but yummy anyway lol