Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cranky Pants

I am a grump today.

I haven’t been eating well, as you know (actually it’s worse than you know). I’m struggling to find adequate time to exercise (this week is mostly a write-off). I miss my kids when I’m at work. And my husband is leaving for a month at the end of this week. Everything is just blah.

BUT…I am hoping that the next few days will put me in a better mood. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday (insert clichéd “I can’t believe she’s 4 already” remarks), and even though I’m working, I’m looking forward to celebrating with the family in the evening. Also, on Friday, my husband and I are taking her out for some fun (can you say “big giant Ferris Wheel”?), and on Sunday she has a party with some of her little friends. It will be the first kid-only party that I’ve hosted, so it’s a little bit intimidating! I’ll make sure to post some pictures 

In food news, last night for dinner I had a poutine and a chocolate milk shake from Burger King. Today I am back on track, and I just feel that I am in the right mindset to get back on track. And I MIGHT be able to sneak in some gym time tonight. Maybe.

If only I could ditch this grumpy mood…

P.S. Yes, Shanny, I will post some pictures of my greeting cards soon. Just don’t set your expectations too high!

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