Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blog Swap with Katie!

Do you know Katie?

If not, you should. She's a fellow blogger, a fellow mom, and one of the most inspiring people that I have had the pleasure to get to know. Katie has had to deal with more heartbreak and adversity than any one person should have to deal with in their lifetime, and yet has managed to keep a positive outlook in spite of everything. I highly - HIGHLY - recommend that you check out her blog and read her story.

Katie and I are doing a BLOG SWAP. Or at least that's what I call it. What we've done is asked each other ten questions, the answers to which will be posted on each others blogs. So if you want to hear MY answers to HER'd better check out her page!

This is just our little way of sharing each other's story with the rest of the blog world!

Here is what Katie had to say:

1. First of all, tell us why you started blogging, and why you continue to blog.

I started blogging in 2008 as a way to cope with the loss of our firstborn son. It felt good to tell his story and be able to share with my family and friends how we were doing. Then, throughout my illness (kidney disease that led to a transplant) it became a great way to keep them informed on what was going on and not have to tell the story over and over, that got exhausting! Now I continue to blog more as a journal in hopes of preserving our memories as a family. I love to read back and see how God used my story to His glory, I've even had readers tell me that my story and faith brought them to Christ, amazing!

2. All three of your boys have great, unique names. How did you choose them?

I found Brenham's name on a baby name website, I loved it instantly but Robb took a little while to warm up to it, so in the meantime I continued my search for the perfect name. We also considered "Grayden" which I kinda came up with as a spin off on Grayson, which I also loved but was a little more popular. We obviously like names that you don't hear of too often. A day or two before Brenham was born Robb told me he really liked "Brenham" so that was it! His middle name, "Jay", is after my husband, my dad and my father in law, whose middle names are also "Jay". Then when it was time to name our second son we wanted to involve his birth mom in the naming process, we still liked Grayden and so did she. His middle name, Robert is my husbands first name and also his birth mother's late father's name. With Sadler, we again used a 'leftover' name that we had considered using for Grayden. His middle name, Graham is a combo of his big brothers first names.

3. You received a kidney from your sister, and somewhere along the line, you named it How did that come about?

Right before surgery my sister in I were hanging out in the prep room and discussing names for the kidney, I saw a sign pointing to the "PACU" so that's where "Paco" originated from!

4. You're a hairstylist. Any hair myths that you want to set straight?

The only thing I can think of is that even if you're trying to grow your hair out, its still important to trim your hair. If you don't your split ends will cause breakage that will cause your hair to seem like its not getting any longer.

5. Home-building: would you recommend it to others?

Yes, but you need time and patience. It was a very busy time for us with our 2 young boys, we needed people to watch them so often while we would spend hours picking things out or having 'walk-thrus' at the house. It was time consuming but definitely worth it, we got the house of our dreams and the boys loving having the extra room to play! I'm sure they'll also appreciate having their own rooms when they're older!

6. What is your favourite healthy food?

My favorite healthy food is the green monster smoothie I make, my kids love it too so that makes it even better!

7. Similarly, what's your favourite thing to do for exercise? Least favorite?

I love ZUMBA, I know I look like a fool while doing it, but I feel super cool! :) And I hate running, I wish I didn't but I just do!

8. Finish this sentence: "If I were 16 again, I would NOT…"

Rush to grow up. I seriously could not wait to get married and have kids. I wish I would have slowed down and taken the time to enjoy those teenage years instead of always looking to the future.

9. You seem like an awesome bargain shopper - from everything from baby clothes to cruises. Any advice for others?

Yes, I love a good deal! Not sure I have any 'advice', I think to find the good deals you have to WANT to do it! It takes some digging through clearance racks and waiting for the sales, but if its something you enjoy, it can be quite a thrill!

10. You have your dream home and your dream family. Any other "dreams" that you have yet to realize that you hope to in the near future?

I certainly have been blessed! My hopes and dreams for the future mostly include my children. I pray they grow up to be happy, healthy and successful and most importantly that someday they ask Jesus into their hearts and live for Him!
And, I also like to dream about vacationing with my family, we hope to have a few 'dream vacations' in our near future as well ;)


Isn't she great? Don't forget to check out Katie's blog later today for my own questions and answers!


  1. Just hopped over to your blog and can't wait to read more! I'm also definitely checking out Katie's blog. :)

    1. HA! oops... already follow your blog. :) Anyway, don't forget that my May giveaway will be for a new blog design by my personal designer! Starts in 2 days! Our Journey