Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big Hair, Car Accident, and other random stuff

First of all, just reminder that my Creative Designs Giveaway is still going on. Let's help boost this little business!

Second...I got in a minor car accident today. It was very minor - I got rear-ended. By a woman driving a hot pink Nissan. With Texas license plates. And she kept hugging me and rambling making sure that I was okay. It was kind of awesome.

And's that time of year again. The dry winter weather is gone, and the fresh spring air has arrived. In fact, I'm already sensing a touch of summer humidity...and if you are a wavy or curly-haired lady like me, you know that only means one thing...

Time for the return of BIG HAIR!

I guess it could be worse? (It actually looked a lot crazier in person.)

Big hair, don't care.

Lately, I've felt my creative juices flowing. Once all of my favourite shows wrap up for the summer, I really want to start another craft project or projects. The problem is...I can't decide what to do. Another sewing project? Something for the home? For the kids? Deciding is always the hardest part. Any ideas?


  1. Amen on the big hair. I have some naturally curly hair that is out of control already. Something tells me I'll be investing in a lot of blow outs this summer.

    And PS- You look awesome in your bathing suit! Rock on Mama!

  2. You're lucky that it was just a minor car accident. I'm sure that the lady who caused the collision was so terrified about what happened. How was your car, by the way? How did you settle the incident and come into terms?

    -Cheryl Bush @ Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP

  3. Being caught in an accident can be mind-boggling, regardless of the damage. But you’re lucky that the offender was responsible enough to comfort you. Had it been others, you might get cursed out or blamed.

    Maggie @Mastragelo Law Offices

  4. Hugging you after the accident might not be a great idea since it might worsen any injury that you incurred. However, I think there are no physical damages done. Hehe! She's indeed a very sweet person. I do hope you won't suffer from any serious injuries due to an accident. Should I say, I hope you won't be in a car accident again. Take care! :)

    Mona Terry @