Thursday, January 29, 2015

DietBet Results

This week ends with the conclusion of my very first DietBet experience. I am happy to report that I am a "winner", having hit my goal a week early!

I'm not going to lie - when I first signed up, I was a bit cocky about the whole thing. I had been eating so poorly and not exercising, so I figured that it would be SO EASY to lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks. But, when the weight didn't magically start falling off, I had to kick it into high gear.

I started out at 208lbs, and I weighed in today at 197.2...which feels amazing. I've improved my eating habits once again, and challenged myself with exercising. Every time I was tempted to skip a workout or eat half of a pizza, I'd remind myself of the DietBet challenge and would make a better choice. I was so happy to have the motivation!

I am sure that I will continue on with these habits in the upcoming months. I have so much more energy than I did even a few short weeks ago, and I'm sleeping better too. I really do feel healthier.

I plan to take some comparison photos this weekend, so I will show those to you next week!

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