Saturday, June 7, 2014

Random 5

My thoughts are all over the place right now. As I've said before, I often feel like I have so much to say, and then as soon as I sit down to type, writer's block hits. 1. The crafting bug has hit me once again. I think I am in the mood to make a wreath. Possibly this one...

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I also like this one (it's not my style really, but how cute would it be for an avid gardener?)...

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2. Did you enjoy my "sneak peek" photos from the last week? I am picking up the CD tomorrow, and am so excited to get the "official" images! I'm also taking my little guy in for a "rock star" themed shoot. I am nervous, and not sure how well that is going to turn out - he doesn't like to sit still! Luckily my photographer is VERY reasonably priced!

3. I am helping my sister plan her daughter's 5th birthday party. It's a Hawaiian theme. I even found sparkly pink flamingos for her at the local Dollarama - score! My favourite idea so far: a kid-friendly "Tiki Bar". How funny would it be to have one like this?

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4. Speaking of flamingos, I recently read that there are more fake plastic flamingos in the world than real ones. How crazy is that? 5. I am really enjoying baseball season this year! Not only am I coaching an adorable team, but my BLUE JAYS are actually off to a good start for once - despite the usual injuries! Now if only we could get Kawasaki back more often...

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I guess that's all for now. Writer's block or not, I'm afraid I could manage to ramble on and on about nothing! And no one wants that ;)

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