Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten (Random) Things on Tuesday...

1. Today it is HOT – after a few days of feeling like autumn is fast approaching, we’re back to summer weather. Bring out the shorts and tanks!

2. Despite what I said in my previous post, I am still trying to increase my running speed. I’ll just never learn!

3. My abs hurt. I guess adding in several different exercises is doing something.

4. I am having horrible sugar cravings this week. I tried to distract myself by watching a movie, but my daughter wanted to see “Wreck It Ralph” and it features a game called “Sugar Rush" of course I ended up face-first in a tub of chocolate Philadelphia cream cheese.

5. I want to win the lottery. (I don’t actually buy tickets, so my plan is a guaranteed failure.)

6. I wish I hadn't stayed up until 2am last night playing Spider Solitaire. Yes, it took me THAT long to win. I'm, um...dedicated?

7. I'm obsessed with Bill and Jenn from "The Little Couple". I think they are the probably the most normal family on TV. And their son is cute as heck!

8. I wonder if my daughter will ever tell me anything about her day at kindergarten.

9. I wonder if my son will ever stop jumping off of the furniture.

10. I miss my husband. He's gone for a month (with possibly the occasional visit) doing a course, and it's no fun at all. Except on nights when "The Little Couple" is on. (See #7). Which is tonight!

Have a great day, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I have the same guaranteed failure with the lottery winning issue :-/

    OMG I have not tried the chocolate cream cheese... didn't need to know it existed... thanks? o_0