Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Wagon

As with some other things in life, we often refer to someone who has discontinued their healthy eating plan as being "off the wagon". As my regular readers know, I have been off of it for quite some time. But I'm making progress once again. I'm not exactly "on" the wagon, so much as I am hanging off the back, clutching the bumper for dear life...but like I said, it's progress.

I took some "before" photos yesterday, which I will share with you soon. I also printed out some weekly food planning sheets, so I'm all ready to go. Being back in weight loss mode is frustrating, but at least I'm getting things under control while I'm still at a healthy weight, and my clothes still fit. Albeit snugly.

I apologize to my faithful followers for a lack of more inspirational posting. I've been a bit down in the dumps for awhile. I sincerely hope that you will hang in here with me, and provide me with some much-needed encouragement as I continue along my journey.

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