Friday, July 26, 2013

Fat-Free Friday

Summer Slimdown 2013 - Week 1's results are in!

I..........lost a whopping 0.8 of a pound.

I'll take it. Last weekend was horrendous. Besides, I have a new plan for the upcoming week, which I am actually excited about. I'm going to focus on getting more activity in, even if I only have 20 minutes. No more of this "Oh, if I don't have an hour, there is no point" garbage. As always, I ask that you wish me luck! I've love to lose 2lbs this week. It will be a challenge to do so though...

Also...I thought this was funny/neat. For my wedding anniversary in June, I ended up wearing the same dress as I had the previous year. Yes, I'm lame!!! But this time, I weighed about 30 pounds less. I made a little side-by-side photo thingy, and am happy to say that I DO see a difference...even though it's mostly in the face. Do you? *note...I cropped my husband out of the frame...not because I'm self-centred, but because he prefers his photo not being plastered over the internet. Lamesauce.*

Have a great weekend!

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