Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love Life Part 2

So, remember a few months ago when I wrote this post about my past dating life? Well I just realized that I never updated you all on how I met my husband - he's the most important one, after all! did I meet him, you ask?

I had switched gears in my educational plan and was attending a new college, out of town. I left for school still "dating" previously-mentioned "casual dude", but was unsure how I felt about that whole situation. I hoped that space would give me some perspective. When I moved into my college residence, I promptly got roomed with a girl with a criminal record...complete with her own parole officer. Not the change in perspective I was looking for.

Our residence had 3 "RAs", which stands for "Residence Advisor". They were older students who were basically responsible for keeping the rest of us in line. Each RA was in charge of two floors in our building. My RA was a totally kick-ass girl who is now a cancer survivor, mother, and newly a doula . Totally cool chick.

Walking around the residence, I noticed pictures of the 3 RAs from an earlier social event. Two females, one male. My first impression of the guy? "Why is that dude wearing a girl's bathing suit?" Yup, in one of the photos he was all decked out in a floral tankini. I can only hope it was part of some kind of dare. (Apparently, HIS first impressions of ME were along the lines of "She WILL be mine", but I of course didn't find that out until later. And probably would have been scared if I'd heard it while staring at the hideous bathing suit picture).

I spoke with the male RA a few times over the next month, but didn't get to know him too well. However, a month was enough time to figure out that I WASN'T comfortable living with my assigned roommate, so I mentioned the issue to Mr. Cross-Dressing RA. Since he knew that one of my friends was also having roommate issues, he took the appropriate steps to get us a new room together...right across the hall from HIS room on HIS floor. Was I that naïve to not suspect anything?

And honestly...the rest is history. Almost immediately after moving floors, we became inseparable. We were already talking about our future after only a month of dating (yes, we were crazy). He quit smoking - for ME - almost immediately, and six months later we were engaged. Yes, I realize that this seems very fast, especially given the fast that I was only 21 at the time. I know that we are very, very lucky that things have worked out so well for us. Not everyone is so lucky. You should really take more time to get to know a person!

We were married on a warm - make that HOT - June day in 2007. It rained just a tiny bit, which is supposed to be considered a blessing of luck. If nothing else, it made for some really nice wedding photos! Of course we've had our ups and downs, and we've also had our great moments. One thing is for sure: we may drive each other crazy at times, but since meeting that man...I've never looked back!

(Oh, and the guy I was casually dating when I left for school? Well, let's just say it's really hard to break it off with someone when their phone is disconnected and you live in another city, so that unfortunately had to be dealt with over MSN. Thankfully he understood.)


  1. Great love story! Sometimes you just know. :)

    Your wedding photo is beautiful!

  2. I love hearing how people met! What a sweet story! New follower here! Love your blog!