Friday, February 1, 2013

Fat-Free Friday: As Good as Goal

I have a thing for cheesey post titles. Can you tell?

It's Friday, and I'm busy preparing for my son's first birthday (tomorrow). Where on EARTH does the time go? I swear it goes by faster with the second child than it does with the first - and that was fast enough!!!

This morning, the scale told me that I weigh 157.2 - a mere 0.2 pounds above my goal weight. Let's ignore that. I consider myself back at goal, and look forward to losing a bit more so that I can have a bit of a "cushion" once again. (I definitely recommend having a goal RANGE instead of a goal weight - it makes those water-retentiony days a little less painful).

I also want to point out that I FINALLY believe what people say - that you can lose inches without losing weight. I've always known it to be true, of course, I just never thought that it was true for ME. However, lo and behold, today some of my measurements are smaller than they were before I left for my trip to Florida, at which point I weighed you see...the scale really doesn't paint the whole picture!

I need help with my arms, though. I haven't lost so much as 0.25 of an inch in months, and I also find that I haven't gained a lot of strength since I started, so obviously I'm doing something wrong. Any advice?

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